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How Do you Make Known Youre Not Interested in Having A Man In Your Life Because Not Only Have You Gone Over Two years Without Sex And Till This Day Forward Insist On Refusing But That Youre Also Doing What You can to Get Your priorities Straight/in line/figured/etc..?

You Make Everyone Think Youre a Complete Failure so Theyll Get out Of Your life so You Can disappear to Start Over. Difficult When The Law Is Involved Attempting To Understand Your Person because Your MoTher And her Husband Got The Law involved In yoUr Life By They Taking your Daughter Based On False Alligations.
There Actually May Be no Hope For You Unless Someone Starts Understanding.

So How Did You Do you Begin?

First depending On how Ignorantly Blind You Are you Seek To Understand What I did. It Was Difficult Taking Almost Three And a Half Years To finally Start Understanding As well As i Do Now.

Now What?

Till This Day Not One Understands. So Its Difficult To Move Forward. All It Takes Is One Attempting To Understand With The Sincerity Of Their Heart.


I Get To Work Because Ive Got The Wheel From There. As Long as I Stay Close To The Lord I Believe I am Capable Of anything I must Do To Achieve My Lifes Journey.


Imimpatientforanswer. Your overlooked problem is your sarcasm. Many honestly believe your sarcasm is not sarcasm But True Statements. For Instance Your Statement "thats Too Bad Yeah?" Was Actually Sarcasm And I See that But not one Else May See That. You Dont Let Anyone Close To You Reason Why Not One Can Understand You. Imimpatientforanswer The average Human/adult Has No Choice But To believe The Lies False Aligations Ill Spoken words of your Person Along With They Believing Your Angered sarcasm As true statements Of Your Person.
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