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I'm generally a VERY artsy girl. I love writing, drawing, sewing, pottery and going to museums and exhibits!

I also REALLY love animals, but am 100% a cat person. I currently I have two dogs. One is a wheaten terrier named Max (from a breeder) and the other is a poodle mix named Holly from a rescue center! In the future once I get my own place to live, I want to get at least 3 cats if I can afford to do so. A Russian Blue named Anastasia (or Anya for short), a Russian White named Faye, and an Exotic Shorthair named Watson! Smile

I also have an immense care for others and their well being and have a fascination for how the mind works, especially in terms of why someone does something. Though my unwavering care and empathy is a strong trait of mine, my weakness is that I tend to take care of others more than I do myself. To this day, I'm still learning to take time for myself. I'm also really shy and find it difficult and get anxious if I have to start a conversation with a stranger or do public speaking, and of course, the dreaded job interviews... My nervousness avoids me to perform to my full potential and just be ME. Thankfully, I have writing which is an absolutely wonderful tool that I can use to express how I feel. It's another way in which I can communicate to others fluidly in the pages. It is my ultimate outlet. An endless field where I can run free. The choking grip of anxiety has no use in stopping me when it comes to writing.

Thank you for reading a little bit about me, and I'm excited to get to know everyone else on this site! Smile
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