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Summary of Experience of Ron Price

Ron Price has been associated with the Bahai Faith for nearly 60 years. He has served on local spiritual assemblies in eight different localities and in eleven other localities and groups where Bahais reside. He has published three books on the Internet. He has been an international pioneer from Canada to Australia since 1971 and served on more committees than he cares to remember. Some 7000 of his poems are in the Bahai World Centre Library as is an autobiographical work of 800 pages entitled Pioneering Over Four Epochs. His poetry is also in more than a dozen journals and many local and regional Bahai communities also have his poetry in their libraries.

Mr. Price, now 68(in 2012), has a BA, B.Ed., MA(Qual Thesis) and four partly completed graduate diplomas. He has taught in 4 primary schools, 3 high schools, 3 universities, 2 colleges of advanced education and 6 Technical and Further Education colleges, mostly in Australia. He has taught Inuit children on Baffin Island and Aboriginals in the Northern Territory of Australia. He has published 150 articles in newspapers, magazines and journals with dozens of postings and publications at a host of Internet sites. He has held more causal and part-time jobs than he likes to remember. With all his successes--and especially his failures--he wonders why he is not rich and famous.
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