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Sun 5 Jan, 2014 02:18 am - I catch your drift, and have even stated my fears many times to him.. This wasn't just something he woke up with one day and a light bulb popped in his head and he said "Leave her,... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2014 06:29 pm - I appreciate your intentions, as I would probably do the same thing if the role was reversed. When someone tries to explain a situation through the internet it's damn near impossible. And I... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2014 04:27 pm - Positive, actually. It's usually all he and I discuss as of late! He's tired of living a miserable life with a woman that continues deteriorating into a dark abyss! She's lazy and... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2014 12:47 pm - Thank you for the effort anyway! Today would have been his 52nd Birthday. I was hoping by now I could surprise some fellow fans/friends of mine with this knowledge..:P (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2014 07:29 am - [quote="Roberta"] I agree, NM. Orcas are very smart and great to look at. [/quote] I've always thought they were beautiful but recently have been watching a few programs on... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2014 07:21 am - Type O Negative ~ Christian Woman. (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2014 07:14 am - I feel horrible for not being able to get on here sooner! Lol. With my 3rd shift work schedule I cannot make it on here every day on my desktop and this topic received more replies than I expected!... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2014 07:11 am - [quote="jespah"] Approach it like you would any good news. It [i]is[/i] good news, right? "Mom, Dad, I want you to know that I met someone. I'm in love, the whole nine... (view)
Wed 1 Jan, 2014 07:25 am - Apologies if this has been done before - I am new to these forums and learning my way around! I like this place! So who is your favorite movie villain and why? My answer is Loki. He is a... (view)
Wed 1 Jan, 2014 06:57 am - The age gap is 29 years. I am 24, he is 53. From the outside looking in it will look like I am a gold digger and he is a cradle robber - neither are true! I am not and never have been interested in... (view)
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