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Wed 31 Oct, 2018 03:11 am - I did not have sex with her. She was giving me hint but I didn’t catch up. Also I want to date her and that is what I want (view)
Wed 31 Oct, 2018 03:09 am - I know what to do and that is to ask her on a date and be her bf. So her having sex with other people is none of my business since I’m just a friend. It still hurts like hell knowing the girl... (view)
Tue 30 Oct, 2018 08:19 pm - Sorry for me writing things wrong. I'm not really dating this girl it is more so that we are hanging out. The girl who I'm hanging out with is going to attend a halloween horror... (view)
Tue 30 Oct, 2018 09:52 am - Yes but I had time to think and both neptune and you tell the truth. It is none of my business. Now I'm afraid of losing her cause at first when she was teasing me I thought she did that just... (view)
Tue 30 Oct, 2018 06:33 am - Then what? The thing is.. is she still having sex with that guy? It is this that is bothering me. Because if they do I won’t be with her anymore. Who wants a girl who is sleeping with other... (view)
Mon 29 Oct, 2018 07:47 pm - Agree but I still regret not doing it with her (you know what I mean) the chances might not come back... (view)
Mon 29 Oct, 2018 04:05 pm - No wonder why she played with he's hair... But I trust her that there is not something between her and Tobbe (view)
Mon 29 Oct, 2018 03:19 pm - Yeah she's right, but different forums have different people. Some forums have a lot of people and some don't. I was thinking I could get answers here (view)
Mon 29 Oct, 2018 03:18 pm - Lol that is just what I wrote in Linkats answer. (view)
Mon 29 Oct, 2018 03:10 pm - Well since your opinion is for me to say sorry to her, then what do I say sorry for? Sorry for being intimate when we were sleeping besides each other? The thing with Tobbe is just me... (view)
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