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Sat 4 Jun, 2022 09:24 am - Your blatant sexism doesn’t make me inclined to take your advice. (view)
Tue 17 May, 2022 03:34 pm - A while ago I posted asking for advice about what to get my daughters siblings for presents here Because of the post I got the idea of taking my daughter on... (view)
Wed 30 Mar, 2022 03:33 pm - Well, she does have a therapist that she sees. She did private sessions for a couple months after and would see her once a week. We also had a couple family counseling sessions. During one of them... (view)
Wed 30 Mar, 2022 10:51 am - With everything we have going on right now that would just be far too much for us to take on. (view)
Wed 30 Mar, 2022 10:39 am - Well right now my daughter feels very nervous about the whole situation and is afraid to call them. I can try calling them myself, but I’m pretty much a stranger to them. Unfortunately we... (view)
Wed 30 Mar, 2022 10:34 am - I’ll see about the zoom calls and take my daughter out shopping for some cards and stationary. They’re not together. Her sister is in a group home and her brother is in a foster... (view)
Wed 30 Mar, 2022 10:18 am - Gift cards just always seems so impersonal to me, but you're right its better than getting them something they don't want or need. Unfortunately after the move we live in so far away... (view)
Wed 30 Mar, 2022 09:28 am - My daughter, Cassidy, (age 12) has two half siblings on her moms side. A sister, Maxine (approx. age 13) and a brother, Nate (approx. age 7). Her two siblings lived with their mom and Nate’s... (view)
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