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Sat 1 Aug, 2020 12:54 pm - A rare foray into the twisted world of the far right. Oralloy lives in a fucking bunker and pinky gets his pizza from a courthouse. Glad I live in a commie hellhole. (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2020 12:01 pm - Don't forget your gun! Some black kid may be roller-skating in a threatening fashion. (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2020 07:14 am - No idea but hope the answer is found. I thought perhaps 'Ace of Spades' but was unable to establish a link between marine biology and the songs of Motòrhead! (view)
Fri 31 Jul, 2020 10:53 am - [url][/url] (view)
Thu 30 Jul, 2020 08:35 am - I know it already feels like a lifetime but - dog forbid - if he were to win in November, that would be a 2nd term which expires in 2024. We'll all be eating rats by then. (view)
Thu 30 Jul, 2020 06:37 am - Big Tom was really Bob Dylan's mother. FACT. (view)
Mon 27 Jul, 2020 01:26 pm - Congrats to The Unforgiven, Midnight Riders and Wee Lads on your victories. Envy is a deadly sin apparently, so I'll just to have to satisfy myself with thoughts of murderous revenge.... (view)
Mon 27 Jul, 2020 07:42 am - Had a look at London's Monopoly board and found that it's a snooker-related question. Whitehall is a 'pink' property - the pink ball is worth 6 points in snooker. I checked... (view)
Sun 26 Jul, 2020 04:02 pm - Get thee to a nunnery, sorry bookie. (view)
Sat 25 Jul, 2020 02:34 am - How about Washington P.C? (view)
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