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Sat 21 May, 2022 02:52 pm - [quote="Mame"] I recently had a dish at a dim sum restaurant that was roasted baby eggplant with a shrimp/scallop puff on top. [/quote] Read that first as 'roasted baby... (view)
Sat 21 May, 2022 02:47 pm - Abraham van der Doort (c. 1575/1580? - June 1640) was a Dutch artist. As Keeper of Charles I's art collections, he was the first Surveyor of the King's Pictures (Wikipedia). Appears... (view)
Sat 21 May, 2022 04:11 am - Kevin de Bruyne really threw the cat amongst the pigeons in week 36. I was almost 200 points ahead at one stage! (view)
Thu 19 May, 2022 02:59 pm - I believe George's astute selection of Marcus Alonso (who scored tonight) as Captain has given him the edge in our particular battle and has won him the head-to-head title. Congrats George! (view)
Sat 7 May, 2022 05:41 am - My receiving the 'selected answer' gong ahead of jespah is the greatest travesty since Rocky won the Best Picture Oscar. (view)
Fri 6 May, 2022 03:58 pm - 65ac SENIOR 55d TERRITORY (view)
Wed 4 May, 2022 04:14 pm - 53ac is WORSHIP. (view)
Wed 27 Apr, 2022 09:38 am - I think it's IRRITATED which is an anagram of I, TRADER and IT but that would make one or two other answers incorrect based on the letters provided. . (view)
Fri 22 Apr, 2022 03:57 pm - Got an email reminder that today is Danny van Doorn's 8th anniversary. Some of you (particularly those that frequented this thread) will remember Danny, who posted on A2K as Dutchy. A kind and... (view)
Sat 16 Apr, 2022 04:09 pm - Spent a happy half hour on youtube earlier watching FA Cup final goals from the 1970s. 1973 is the first year I remember (Keegan twice and Irishman Steve Heighway v Newcastle). You will recall 1976... (view)
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