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Tue 9 Apr, 2019 08:32 am - I'm I naive in trying to be positive about it and trying to see some hope? (view)
Tue 9 Apr, 2019 08:30 am - Yes I know how it feels as I've been through it myself. And thats why it makes this situation so difficult - knowing he is going through such a crappy mental state, I can only be here to... (view)
Mon 8 Apr, 2019 08:27 am - Yep you're spot on about everything. I've suggested a few psychiatrists to him, given him sites and have been encouraging him to seek help. His response is that he doesn't want to... (view)
Mon 8 Apr, 2019 02:21 am - Thank you for your response. I totally get it but it's really hard to just pack up and leave with 2 kids who are happy with their dad.. (view)
Mon 8 Apr, 2019 02:20 am - :( yes It's quite common unfortunately... Happened to a few friends too. But in this situation he was not physically seeing these people so I guess it's something I can eventually... (view)
Mon 8 Apr, 2019 02:17 am - Hi there, thanks for your feedback. It's pretty spot on! The hardest thing for me is to decide what to do. He's not in a good place right now and me leaving just doesn't feel right.... (view)
Sun 7 Apr, 2019 06:59 am - Thanks for your response. I guess I'm trying to look at the big picture. We have two kids and they both love him dearly. My head says he doesn't deserve to be with me but I still care and... (view)
Sat 6 Apr, 2019 05:13 pm - Hi everyone, This is a a long story so please bear with me. My husband and I have been together for 10 & married for 6 years. We get along very well (lots of same interests, mutual... (view)
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