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My American nightmare

New high tech weapons such like radiation material, microwave kill people without trace, leaving death look like heart attack, blood cancer, etc.

In 1991, because an acquaintance was arrested for drug smuggling, I was under surveillance by law enforcement agent. They used isotope money as tracer which hurt my health badly. After I complained this I found I was frequently under microwave radiation which cooked my blood, solidified them to form clog, caused severe chest pain. As pressure intensified,I could not bear the torture of EM wave, I went abroad in 1999. There I still was under surveillance of local police. On Mar. 22 2000, attempts of frame me up to a drug case forced me seeking political asylum in Thailand.

What made an U.S. citizen drift abroad and ask for political asylum? The black box practice covered criminal activities of U.S. law enforcement agency. New high tech weapons enable them to murder people without being aware of. To prevent U.S. become a fascist country, an independent organization which can check the conduct of law enforcement agency is necessary.

It was a big case ten years ago.

I was a seller in San Jose Berryessa Flea Market. I sell porcelain figuring. On Sept. 1990, a lady, named Mrs. Chen, came to my stand, saying that she was an importer of porcelain. I bought some merchandise from her because she offered a good price.

On June. 1991, Mrs. Chen was arrested for drug smuggling. The newspaper titled: " Heroin bust called U.S. record".(See San Jose Mercury, 6-21-1991). There was a lot of harassment since then. I was followed, bugged, business turned downward, etc..

1. Psychology intimidation

According to newspaper, the heroin container arrived in on May, 1991. Mrs. Chen was arrested on June 22, 1991 when they opened it. During that one month waiting period, I was stopped by police for three times.

The first time was on Monday, in downtown San Jose. A police car sirened. I stopped, officer came forward, asking me if I knew why he stopped me. I said I did not know. He said that I was speeding. He gave me a ticket after talked to microphone . I didn't argue because I had not notice my speed at that time. But I knew I could not be very fast because it was on 7th Street where the traffic light set for 30 miles. That means if you driving at 30 miles you meet green light all the way, if you past 30, you hit a red light.

Next day was Tuesday, I went to Galt Flea Market early in the morning and arrived there about 6 a.m. The town was still asleep. No people or vehicle in sight. I was stopped by a sirening police car. Same question asked and officer told me I did not stop fully at stop sign. I was very depressing. To my delight, the officer coming back after he talked to microphone, said that he would not give me a ticket.

Within a week, there was a third time. It's inside San Jose Flea Market. Everything repeated. Officer said I was speeding at 15 miles against 5 miles limit. I had worked in Flea Market for 7 years and drove in same way, never had a problem. So did other sellers. The officer smiled at me at last after talked to microphone. Let me go without a ticket. I was so impressed because if they cited me in late two stops, I would have lost my drive license.

Weeks later, Mrs Chen was arrested. Even then I didn't relate two events together. Until about two months late, an article in newspaper touched my mind. It said police sirened signal when a man violated traffic rule. The man did not stop but speeded away in panic. Police searched his car and found drugs. Three times stopped by police within a week happened in time just the heroin container arrived in Mrs. Chen's warehouse. So it was a psychology intimidation test for me. There were many of This kind of harassment late. But compare to isotope money and microwave radiation and fluorescent lamp killing, it's nothing.

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