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Tue 11 Jun, 2019 10:55 am - Only item of clothing. That I find useful. Is my dressing gown. When it is cold. Rest of the time I am naked. So clothes are not needed (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:57 am - Is it OK to be naked around the house (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:54 am - If you are naked please answer. If you are dressed tell me why (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:47 am - I don't wear anything. In bed. I always sleep in the nude. Same as through the day time. If I have to I will put some clothes on. But that doesn't happen very often. I nearly always in... (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:44 am - If everyone was naked. In and outdoors. I believe there be less, pedofiles. Less gays. Emagine you were only 4 year old. At school. All you friends were naked as well. Plus the teachers..... (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:27 am - I always sleep in the nude all year around. (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:25 am - I would be over joyed. As I am a naturist. I would strip off and go straight onto the beach. There is nothing to be ashamed about. You are only showing your body off. I front of other naked... (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:18 am - I love to be naked around the house. If I went into garden. I wouldn't be ashamed. I would carry on what ever I was doing. Gardening, watering, swearing. What ever I do I am naked. (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:13 am - Clothes are not needed. I sleep in the nude. I live life in the nude (view)
Tue 11 Jun, 2019 08:11 am - No purpose for clothing. We were born naked Why wear clothes. (view)
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