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Mon 17 Aug, 2020 09:14 am - Are there any games like Degrees Of Lewdity? Where you can customize your character and live in a sex based sims-like world? Asking for a friend. (view)
Mon 17 Aug, 2020 08:30 am - If anyone discovered or created a new source of technology or energy. Why do you think they would hide it away? (view)
Mon 17 Aug, 2020 08:27 am - Rituals, spells, potions, sacrifice, etc. Any type will do, I just need a real example. (view)
Sun 16 Aug, 2020 08:08 pm - I want to discover new places and new things, but how would I do that. Should I just get off at a random stop and wander the streets until I find something new? Any ideas, any recommendation?... (view)
Sun 16 Aug, 2020 07:57 pm - It’s for a story. (view)
Sun 16 Aug, 2020 03:16 pm - How would I successfully move into the countryside of Japan as an American Foreigner who's never been to Japan? (Until then I was gonna try my best to learn Japanese and I’m probably... (view)
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