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Hiroshi Satow. A teacher of English and philosophy to precollege students. Japanese. Write poetical and philosophical things both in English and in Japanese. Often lonely Smile With a wife and cats.

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Wed 11 Aug, 2021 07:31 am - If "love" is defined as something that sustains and encourages life, then the fact that I am still alive now, over 50 :), shows that I am or have been or was loved by some being or... (view)
Wed 11 Aug, 2021 07:11 am - Thank you, hightor. Your reply is very instructive. It helps me understand the way "go" can be used from a historical viewpoint. (view)
Wed 11 Aug, 2021 07:08 am - Oh that's funny. Hope I'll see the door someday! (view)
Wed 11 Aug, 2021 07:03 am - Thank you, izzythepush. So I can use the expression before Dutch people. And it's interesting to know that "go American" sounds derogatory. (view)
Wed 11 Aug, 2021 06:54 am - Thank you, Mame. Maybe I need "Dutch courage" to quit my job now.... (view)
Wed 11 Aug, 2021 06:53 am - Thanks you, hightor. So it's very strange to me that the verb "go" doesn't mean any motion. There are some that are used in that way, though. (view)
Thu 5 Aug, 2021 09:41 pm - Hello, hightor. Thank you for your kind reply. OALD says 'go + adjective' means 'to live or move around in a particular state,' like 'go naked/barefoot/hungry.'... (view)
Sun 1 Aug, 2021 07:20 am - Thank you, hightor! I took your words as the following: "Going Dutch/American/Republican" can sometimes be neutral, without any intention of criticism, because the words... (view)
Sun 1 Aug, 2021 07:04 am - Thank you Frank Apisa! So I can use the expression like "Let's go dutch!" without hesitation :) It'll be good when I'm almost broke ;) (view)
Sat 31 Jul, 2021 02:51 am - Hi. I have a question on English grammar. My dictionaries say that it's not good to use the expression 'go Dutch.' They say it's kind of making fun of the Dutch. Is it true? If... (view)
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