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Fri 30 Sep, 2022 08:38 am - Yesterday is also an acceptable answer (any description of the past would work). Well done! (view)
Fri 30 Sep, 2022 08:37 am - Correct! The answer is the past. Well done! (view)
Thu 29 Sep, 2022 11:12 am - Hahaha, yeah I'm sorry. It was a clever guess and it was really close. In defense of the riddle though, light really is the only physical thing that absolutely must "touch you"... (view)
Thu 29 Sep, 2022 08:25 am - This riddles describes a thing as "him". Him once we had Not long since escaped, Never can we retrieve. Whatever had now may be brand new Or old, if him we believe. To each he... (view)
Thu 29 Sep, 2022 07:54 am - Correct! The answer is water, well done! (view)
Thu 29 Sep, 2022 07:51 am - Correct, it is a forrest fire! (view)
Thu 29 Sep, 2022 06:57 am - A predator born eating, dies starving It's arms reach out, grasping blindly for food As it rests atop a nest of shining jewels. Like a serpent it slithers accross the forest floor,... (view)
Thu 29 Sep, 2022 06:03 am - I'm sorry, that's incorrect. Good guess though. The answer is a physical thing. (view)
Wed 28 Sep, 2022 03:56 pm - 'wielding'... not yielding (sorry) (view)
Wed 28 Sep, 2022 03:35 pm - That which burrows deep under earth, flies higher than the highest peak. A precious gift or a dreadful curse. And that which all must seek. Today it may be soft as silk, as gentle as a flower... (view)
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