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Wed 28 Jun, 2006 02:46 am - Hello! Nice to see you again. How are you these days? The other day I met with a phrase"hang around one's neck", I couldn't understand it clearly.Would you explain it to me ?... (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2006 01:50 am - What's about continental breakfast? Can you tell me ? (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2006 01:43 am - Hello! Would you help me ,please? I met with a phrase"leave someone to their own resources",Idon't know it very well. Can you tell me ?Thank you ! (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2006 12:52 am - Thanks Thank you all for your attention! I'm so grateful. And wish you happy! (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2006 12:47 am - Hello! Would you help me please ? I want to know something about American breakfast, when dose Americans have their breakfast? And what does they usually eat? What is a typical American breakfast?... (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2006 12:38 am - Thanks I'm so grateful for all of your help! Thank you very much ! Wish you good luck! (view)
Tue 30 May, 2006 02:14 am - What's the meaning of "like a red rag to a bull"? Can you tell me ?Thank you ! (view)
Tue 30 May, 2006 02:06 am - Hello! I want to ask you about the meaning of "bet one's boots". How we use it ? Thank you ! Wish you happy! :oops: (view)
Sat 20 May, 2006 05:06 am - hello! Every one ! I will write a composition connected with "difference between Western and Eastern breakfast". I don't know well about the westen breakfast, would you be so... (view)
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