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Formerly known as "Bibliophile (u.841315)" on the Abuzz information forum - many of you may remember me - you know...the witty, good-looking, Bible statistics and Trivia-mad Irish guy.

A big "what about ye" to all my former Abuzzniacs etc.

Here are some things about me that you might find of interest:

You won't believe what I know and have done...
3rd Dan in Karate
Flown a Mig29 jet at Mach 2.3
3 entries in the Guinness Book of Records - 2000 edition
I Ran the 1997 NY marathon in 2hrs 14mins 23 secs
Climbed Mount Everest twice
Rafted the length of the Amazon in 15 days
Lectured at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard
Have PhD's in Physics, Geology, Theology and Linguistics
Memorised Bible New Testament at the age of 12
Speak and write 7 European Languages
Was Russell Crowe's stunt double in Gladiator

I make people say: "what in hell can this guy NOT do?"

I always record my delusions in my member profile.

It's good to make folks smile, Bib :-)
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