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Tue 23 Aug, 2022 12:07 pm - It turns out there is an easier way to solve the problem I attempted to explain. The ONLY way to get the DBMS commands to execute is to place them on a web Page in a baseportal directory. I can... (view)
Mon 22 Aug, 2022 05:17 pm - I use the DBMS I create web site applications (for myself) that mostly display the information in DBMSs created using A web Page turns out to be a combination of... (view)
Sun 21 Aug, 2022 10:12 pm - I just found the answer! In the CHILD using <a href="#" onclick="opener.aFunction()">...</a> allows CHILD to execute aFunction in its opener. (view)
Sun 21 Aug, 2022 08:55 pm - After opening a window [ win = (); ], how does win execute a javascript function in its opener? (view)
Thu 18 Aug, 2022 03:24 am - I wish to use modal windows of a URL. (view)
Sat 23 Jul, 2022 04:02 am - I am trying to control objects that I have created with SVG by clicking on a button and using Javascript to activate a prescribed animation sequence. I tried 2 ideas that did not work 1. I... (view)
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