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Jason Sandifer-Author/Advocate-of Preserving Life-Well-Being-Life Enrichment-Peace for-All…

I just simply want to utilize any and all my ability, strength, knowledge, and direct/exert all my energies to the absolute dedication of humanity and those individuals who suffer, may be mistreated, and are deprived, disadvantaged, and destitute…

This what I speak the most because this is what I Care about the Most…Humanity/People…Family…Friends…and even strangers I indeed care for them will always try to think of solutions to their suffering…

I have definitely… suffered alongside them and with them too……………………………………………………………………………

*FACT: I believe in Protecting Women, Men, And Children, and All People, LIFE, I believe in Preserving LIFE, and the Well-Being of others, I always have believed this my entire LIFE.

*FACT: I CANNOT receive any pleasure, or gratification from someone else's pain, or causing the pain, or suffering of
another human-being whatsoever.

*FACT: I Desire to encourage others, not in to cause or inflict pain, or suffering

*FACT: I am a person that only desires a (Positive Reciprocal Relationship), Meaning a person that I, and that Person have the same mind-set, and shares the same thoughts towards Humanity, Life, etc..

*FACT: I DO NOT EVER wish to cause harm to myself, nor cause harm to another person.

*FACT: And I could (NEVER glean) any satisfaction from causing anyone else pain, suffering, or harm, in any way.

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