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You don't have to type my full name...Packs will do, I've had this name so long that my wife calls me that from time to time.

I spent some time in Springfield, I used to build Drury Inn's for a living, so I've been all over the place doing that....from San Antonio to Nashville, to Kansas City. Springfield was a nice town, very symmetrical. :wink:

All the times the boys, and the occasional girl, would play in our wooded area, I don't recall ever being scared or having my mom express any worry about me being out there. There were times that I left home at 7am and didn"t return until dark, with of course no cell phone or any of that jazz.

Upon leaving the house my mom would usually just say..."Be careful". These days that might be considered bad parenting...neglect, perhaps reckless endangerment or something. The city upgraded to a sewer system in the 80s, and our little playground was turned into the lagoon area. So, I guess you could say my childhood memories went down the crapper.
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The only thing I was scared of in the dying light of the forest was the unidetified, unexplained, boogy man!
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Mapleleaf wrote:
djjd62...neat song...you did good. You might want to share that on Letty's radio thread.


probably already have at some point
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chai, i was similar. i was a bit of a loner, i guess. i rode buses to no end around town. just get on, go to the end stop, take a different bus somewhere else, for hours. or just roam around, eavesdrop on people's conversations... the 15 minute distance between school and home was always traversed in 2-3 hours.
i spent a lot of time under a weeping willow on my street. its branches came all the way to the ground and it was a perfect royal chamber of sorts.
i also belonged to various groups - theathre group was the best. we played on stage and in the backstage. back then we were in the grassalkovich palace (now the presidential palace) - it used to be the Pioneers Palace where all sorts of children groups were housed. lots of weird hidden rooms and staircases. we'd play hide and seek, murder mysteries, and such.
the rest of my free time i spent in the stables or riding..by the time i was about ten i considered myself fully independent, coming home at 10pm, driving my parents periodically insane since i couldn't understand why would they be worried about me.
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Reread your profile....now I remember why your prose has the feel of a wise old soul....when you were younger, did you feel grounded...secure within yourself?
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