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Reply Sat 16 Sep, 2023 07:55 am
I apologise to anyone if this sounds really stupid. I really need some advice. I’ve been seeing this escort for almost 3 years on a regular basis. I genuinely don’t want a relationship with anyone. I’ve only been in love with one girl in my life….it just didn’t work as I didn’t get approval from her family. Moving on…..this escort was just normal, for at least the first 2 years……I genuinely liked seeing her, and I’m pretty sure she felt the same way. The process would entail leaving feedback for each other……she is happy to leave her normal clients amazing feedback, but with me it’s just a ‘Thank you’. I just don’t understand, but I always have the best sex with her. I have tried comparing other girls with her but she just tops them by a mile……..I don’t know why but during one of our meets I accidentally said that I had developed feelings for her….and I don’t know why but I said I loved her. She threw me out and avoided my txts/calls for about a week. I apologised and she forgave me, for about another couple of months at least…….during a meet she said it was the last time she’d ever see me….maybe because I came across a little ignorant during the meet, I don’t know. Anyhow she avoided me for around 9 months. I admit that I was into her, she was a dream girl for me, my job entails me to travel a lot and be in different countries….I really just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I called her one day and she picked up telling me if I ever wanted to see her it would be double the rate of what a normal client would pay….I agreed. I see her on a ongoing basis, paying what she wants……I just don’t know why this is happening to me? Any advice would really be appreciated.
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She's an escort, she accepts money in exchange for services! It's a business relationship and she has nothing else vested in it than the amount you pay her.

You on the other hand have developed feelings for her which is a pity since she'll never reciprocate. She did you a favor for not wanting to see you for such a long time, now she doubled the fees in the hopes you wouldn't accept - yet you do!

Again, she has absolutely no feelings for you, the only one getting hurt is you - financially and emotionally! Do yourself a favor and stop going there! Choose another escort if needed, but stop contacting her!
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Hi, thank you for your kind words and advice. Definitely makes sense to stop contacting her which I will take onboard.
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Reply Sun 17 Sep, 2023 10:15 am
Isn't it funny and sad how people are the architects of their own misery. You realize how toxic this relationship is, right? It's never going to be anything more than paying a whore to have sex with her. And now she's charging you twice as much for having the sheer audacity to develop feelings for her - she probably considers you a stalker in some way. This is never going to end well, you're on a one-way course to loneliness and misery. You can't find real meaning in an pay for sex escort relationship, there isn't any. You need to develop more self-confidence and be willing to accept that real relationships take work and sometimes result in failure. That's life.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 22 Sep, 2023 04:42 pm
"Pretty Woman" was not a biographical documentary.

She's trying to maintain a business and you want to try to get her out of the business. Whether she has a retirement strategy or not: you are not part of it. Leave her alone and get over it.

Try to figure out how to have a relationship without such a base transactional foundation. It seems you need to pay for someone to ignore your "faults".
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