Can We Cut Biden An Effing Break?

Reply Fri 8 Mar, 2024 02:39 pm
VP's are usually just placeholders. Cheney was unusual in that he was very active, but most VP's (including Biden when he was in that role) are not big hitters in the administration.
Reply Fri 8 Mar, 2024 02:54 pm
Do they know what's going on? What if the President got killed by a car or something? Is the VP in the know-know?
Reply Fri 8 Mar, 2024 02:56 pm
I'm not worried about VP Harris, she will be fine.
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Reply Fri 8 Mar, 2024 04:10 pm
1. President Biden has done a fine job as President.
2. His list of accomplishments is extensive.
3. President Biden and Vice President Harris are both good people.
4. I look forward to casting my vote for Biden-Harris for a second term.
5. I also look forward to voting all Democrats on my down ballot.
6. I believe that Donald Trump and most of the Republican Party will try everything in their power to turn the United of America into an Autocracy.
7. The obvious way of stopping America from becoming a Donald Trump autocracy is to defeat Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans at the ballot box.
8. I believe that Biden-Harris and the rest of the Democratic Party will do just fine in the upcoming 2024 election.
9. But, nothing can be taken for granted.
10. To take anything for granted would be a mistake.
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Reply Fri 8 Mar, 2024 06:53 pm
So you admit to not knowing much about who Biden is, and what he’s made of, and you admit to being jaded about politicians in general. May I ask where you read that the VP has been shunted aside to do busy work? From what I’ve read and heard and seen, she’s been taking on a progressively bigger and more significant role every year. From what you’ve said so far, is it safe inference for me to make that you don’t think very highly of Kamala Harris’ capabilities as Vice President?
Reply Fri 8 Mar, 2024 07:51 pm
First of all, no it's not safe for you to infer I don't think highly of Kamala Harris' capabilities. I am not an American... I'm a Canadian with friends and relatives living in the US and, obviously, I know how we are impacted by what happens in the Lower 48. I do read some US papers but I'm not following any of it closely any more. I'm jaded, as I said, with all of politics. I'm also jaded re: polls - they're wrong most of the time.

I read in the NYT (a while ago, admittedly) that she has been shunted into unwinnable (border issue, I think?) or non-important issues. I actually replied in that article that that was a disservice to her and her alleged capabilities. I say alleged because I don't know what they are. I remember thinking Biden isn't stupid so why isn't he taking advantage of her 'capabilities'. Based on your reported readings, etc I will read more about what she tasks she's been given and doing.

I don't have an oar in this race but obviously I hope for Biden/Harris to win again.

I'm also up to here with Canadian politics and fed up with the media, in general. I read the headlines, then move on. I actually watch more podcasts about things than news and newsprint. Different takes on the same situations.

Maybe I'm getting old and grumpy or just disillusioned.
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