Clarifying the Supervoid

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This apparently banned guy, Vette888, has a post called "Supervoid." Since his threads are all locked, I'm starting one to respond to it. If the admins don't like me doing this kind of thing, I will certainly stop. However, I think that the material needs a clearer explanation.

In the early universe, about 400,000 years after the Big Bang, there were fluctuations or differences in the density of matter. These differences are called baryon acoustic oscillations. They resulted from sound waves that propagated through the universe shortly after the Big Bang. The waves reflected off of matter in the universe, causing it to clump together in some regions and spread apart in others.

Eventually, matter began to collapse into dense regions, forming massive structures such as galaxies and galaxy clusters. The collapses created pressure waves that moved through the universe, and when the pressure waves met, they caused the baryonic matter to implode, creating voids.

Therefore, a void, such as the supervoid mentioned in the other thread, is believed to have been formed by the collapse of matter and the implosion of compressed baryonic matter caused by these pressure waves.

The supervoid does not contradict any of our current models of the universe. In fact, our models predict the existence of voids and the uneven distribution of matter. While the size of the supervoid is larger than expected, it is not necessarily big enough to be incompatible with the current cosmological models.

It is also worth noting that the void is not draining energy from light – it is simply a lack of matter that allows light to travel through it more easily. As for what the supervoid reveals about physics, it is certainly possible that it could shed light on dark energy or gravitational theories, but it is too early to say with certainty. More research and observations will be needed to fully understand the nature of the supervoid and its implications for cosmology.
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Good stuff.
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