How do I deal with my daughter who dislikes my boyfriend?

Reply Fri 30 Jun, 2023 02:04 pm
Got through the ordeal of the ex. We both agreed to meet at the wedding.

New issue: my daughter dislikes my bf and feels her and her husband were not treated well when we visited them in February. I mush say he could have been more gracious and generous but since then I’ve talked to him and he’s making an effort to be more sensitive to this. My daughter said she won’t accept an apology from him but I’m continuing to see him even though I did attempt to break it off a few months ago.

Now when I tell her I spend time with him she tells me I need to choose between them and if I spend time with him my priorities are screwed up. I love my daughter but she lives far and never sees him.

Should I be able to run my own life without threats and a guilt trip?.
Reply Fri 30 Jun, 2023 03:41 pm
Yes you can! Your daughter has no right to give you an ultimatum - either them or your boyfriend? It's not her call and if you're happy then she should be happy for you. She has chosen her spouse without your consent and had you told her that you don't like her choice and given her an ultimatum, she probably wouldn't be on speaking terms with you by now.

She seems very immature and although you love her, you have to tell her in a friendly way that you've done everything to raise her to be an open and accepting person and giving you an ultimatum is not part of the concept. You are her mother and you do as you please. Be firm in this!
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Reply Sat 1 Jul, 2023 08:07 am
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Lets be clear. Your daughter have her codpiece and you have yours. Why don't you just accept the fact that is not her father and understand the consequences of having relationships with people outside the marriage.

Have you not witnessed the book of "Moral Orel". One mans quest to go inside a woman and not make babies. Knowing full well he is grid lock to his wife who dragged him into a marriage based on the fact that all the other hens was getting married. She still had the nerves to have another kid with a random guy because she knows her reason for being with her husband was just to "Keep up appearances".

Imagine being happy clean wealthy with your best friend the bible. Then all of a sudden comes this witch who tears everything that was "perfect you" into something that was un-you. To top it off his drinking problem was part of her "Helpfulness".


Does not matter which guy you are with. Your daughter will not like him, because it is not her father.


That being said you still have to be polite when your visiting her because she have her life and does not mean she owes anything for your relationship to the next man that is not "daddy".
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