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Hey guys
So I recently started to question my sexuality after a dream I had with a co worker. Here’s some back ground info : I am a nurse and recently like 4 nurses on my floor had come out as lesbian so obviously I was around it. I had never questioned myself before. I am in a serious relationship, I am engaged and have always found many men hot. I do find a lot of women beautiful and admire their hair and their make up and how they dress. I never really checked out their bodies and I found it weird when my friends would say oh guys like her for her ass because I never really was into women’s bodies.
Now I obsess over it like I think I could be a lesbian because of this dream that this girl I work with was eating me out. Anyways some back ground info :
I did used to want to compare boobs with other people when I was younger. I don’t know if I was like trying to compare sizes or what I just remember doing that. I kissed a girl at a party for the attention of men. I did NOT like it, it just reminded me of kissing my dog. I was picky with men when I was growing up and got nervous when a guy would like me and ask me out. I usually said no because I didn’t like them.
Since I’ve been panicking I’ve been googling none stop am I lesbian. I don’t think I am because I get sexually aroused when I touch my mans hard dick (sorry for the explicit language). I like get turned on when we make out. I like enjoy the presence of a strong hairy man. So why can’t I just stop over thinking this?
I am like constantly checking myself - am I turned on around this girl? When my co worker touched my arm does it make me feel some sort of way? I still find men so sexy and I find girls pretty. The difference is I cannot picture myself with a woman really I feel like it’s just not right. I think of women as more my friend. And then tonight it got so bad I was questioning myself so I watched lesbian porn and didn’t feel anything. I’m pretty sure I’m straight but I don’t understand why I am so obsessed with this and it makes me more upset that when I Google it the first answer is you’re gay because you’re googling it. Help?
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A dream does not define who you are. Dreams occur for a variety of reasons and often times what you are trying to work out in your head has no literal meaning to your dream.

For example I have dreamed of a male co-worker that I do not find at all attractive, but in my dream I had a sexual relationship with him. Does that mean deep inside me I am attracted to him? No, not at all. It could be a variety of reasons of why I even dreamed of him. Maybe at the end of the day he was who I spoke to last so his imagine was in my head at night or we were working out a work problem, even though my dream was sexual in a sense perhaps he was in it as in my mind I we were trying to solve this issue.

The mind is complex and most of your dreams are not literal to how you feel emotionally or mentally. This dream is no indication of how you are sexually and your sexual preferences. It was simply a dream. Just think of any weird dream you have had previously is that really an indication of how you are/feel? Just the same as this dream.

I cannot answer why you are so obsessed with it other to surmise you are very worried about this. It is just a dream ... let it go.
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