Unexperienced driver laws

Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2023 08:23 am
In Estonia there is a law, that after getting your driving license, you are to wear a sign of a green leaf for 5 years after acquiring the license. I haven't seen any other country using green leaf signs, so I was wondering what kind of signs are being used, if any.
Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2023 08:54 am
Here in Canada, at least in a couple of provinces, the car you're driving has to display an L if you're learning to drive or an N if you're a new driver. I don't know the period of time the letters have to be displayed.
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Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2023 09:29 am
P plates in England, Scotland and Wales.

You can display green ‘probationary’ P plates to show that you’ve just passed your driving test. You do not have to display them. You can leave them on your vehicle for as long as you like.
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Reply Mon 30 Jan, 2023 02:10 pm
Nothing here in the United States , and out there in California it shows: they drive like maniacs - if they indeed have a driver license to begin with.
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Reply Mon 30 Jan, 2023 11:00 pm
In Victoria, Australia a red P plate is required for the first 12 months after getting a licence, then a green P plate for a further 3 years. They're compulsory and not displaying them can result in a fine and 3 demerit points.
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Reply Tue 31 Jan, 2023 10:28 am
I've not heard of having anything on your car showing you are an inexperienced driver in the US, but most states do have restrictions on drivers that are under 18 and/or have only had their license for a certain amount of time. Things like they cannot have another young person in their car besides a family member, they cannot drive during certain hours, things like that.
Reply Mon 6 Feb, 2023 04:40 am
We don't have many drivers under 18 over here. One has to be seventeen before one can drive a car on the road as a learner, and until you pass your test you cannot drive a car without L plates and a driver with a full licence in the passenger seat.

After that there are no restrictions.
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