Looking for people who share my "pagan" values

Reply Tue 20 Dec, 2022 05:34 am
Happy Solistice (soon)! Smile

That being said I entered this forum because I am currenlty searching for people who share the same values. (See below). If you do pleas answer or write me a pm.

Firts of all I would like to explain some things. I do not like the term "pagan", because "pagan" is the word the Hellenic-Aryan and Christian Viking invasion used. It is a Latin word and was used for the native Geltic people of Northwestafrica and "Europe". The Hellenic invasion called themselves colonists and the Natives “pagan”. After the Hebrew Hellenic elites formed Christianity against the Natives it became the new book of rule for the occupied/inaved territories. That was the time when "pagan" became a synonymous for "heathens" amongst Christians. The reason is simple because pagans were the natives and Christians are the colonist/invaders.

So I would describe my spirituality as not being of any religion, but I do live according to the Geltic calendar from "Shinnilos Brivenos" (the updated version, not online). This means I celebrate certain festivities and live according to the moon and the sun. Apart from that I use certain tools to connect to certain gods goddess beings, which naturally are from the Geltic lore, since I live in that area (central “Europe”, the Alps).
However, if I lived in Inis/Anas Hog (called America by the Invaders), thus the "U.S.A" which I did, I would also call certain gods/goddesses and beings of the area, for example the Navajo, since I lived in their territory.
Since "pagan" originally just means “not being abrahamistic", thus not being a monotheist etc, it means for me wisdom, and is not a term for a religion.
Why did I write "Geltic" and not "Celtic". First of all, in my opinion, this is the correct term. Secondly, these days "Celtic" is a term used by Christian nations used to describe a bundle of certain things which appear “geltic”. They have some patterns, some (varied) dances and some Soundsystem left. Most of which is a memory of an invaded and destroyed culture. However the core, the culture is long gone, even amongst Gaelic speaking people. It a superficial description based of abrahamistic nationalism. :blah: :blah: :blah:

Furthermore I also do not like the term "witch", it comes from the Geltic role" vidlua". It has originally the same root as "wizard". I don´t like it because it is a leftover of the genocide of the Geltic people and it is still used as a word of insult by the Christian culture. It just affirms their mindest and so on. Originally it is one of many roles within the geltic culture and has almost nothing to do with the Hollywood/Christian popculture thing.

This is a very short summery of my personal point of view. These things are based in intense researches and more. And I will share my sources when the time is right, or the person is right.

As for the values, they are as followed:

The values are as followed:

• freedom (everything that goes with it such as free sexuality, freedom to ask questions, etc.),
• equality,
• sociality,
• earth,
• the sincere intention to live in rhythm with the ecosystem,
• ancient knowledge,
• the knowledge of indigenous people living in harmony with nature and their recognition as legitimate states of the Abrahamistically colonized areas
• non-acceptance of a tyrannical hierarchic system
• the embracement of a cyclical understanding of existence/system,
• individuality,
• the pursuit of personal happiness, dreams,
• the Geltica (Celtic knowledge),
• clearly anti-Abrahamistic (i.e. against the system of Christian, Islamic or Hebrew belief) and against other systems that abuse spirituality to control, restrict and tyrannize people/living beings,
• boundaryless exchange of people and knowledge - one humanity

P.S.: I am native German speaker
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Reply Tue 20 Dec, 2022 06:57 am
I don't think you'll have a lot of joy on this forum.

You're more likely to be attacked by the very vocal far right "Christian" posters who come here.

I wouldn't be as dismissive of the term pagan if you don't want to put people's backs up.

A lot of new age people are very proud of the term. I've seen the bumper sticker "Keep Britain Pagan," a lot.

I would use google to look specifically for pagan/new age forums.
Reply Tue 20 Dec, 2022 10:50 am
Going to a Solstice celebration tomorrow.
Reply Tue 20 Dec, 2022 10:55 am
I'll be going to 'Henge over Christmas, we have a guest from Brazil staying, but not for the Solstice, too bloody cold.

Saw the Summer one when the festival was still going.
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Reply Thu 22 Dec, 2022 04:46 am
I am aware of the "Christian" society, so I know what to expect. That being said, there still might be a person. If yes pm me.

Keep Britain pagan means non being English lol "Cymru" is in British government sites not even listed as a native language but as an immigrant language and the Geltic dragon of the Welsh flag is not part of the union flag, since it is the symbol against Christian fascism, since it states that it fought against the white dragon who invade Pritana – geltic Britain. This fact is easily seen by the flag of England which is meant to be the Christian Cross.
One of the three regets of Geltic Britain to be hospitable of the hellenic (“roman”) invasors. So I am not here to be nice to people, so they like me, but I am here for people who want the same as me.
Reply Thu 22 Dec, 2022 09:16 am
If you just want to piss everyone invluding new age pagan people then go ahead.

We get this a lot with religious types insisting there's is the only true/pure form of whatever religion they're espousing.

You're all the bloody same.
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Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2022 08:25 am
I would match your list of values. Send me a DM
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