Arab Culture (Profit of Piece)

Tue 4 Oct, 2022 03:57 am

Islam, is the term for "matter of fact", through the word '****' as 'the f-word', the base model of friendly trade, without violence or extortion or contract or draft or poverty.

'Profit', is the proper term, for a 'piece', a share of business, if interested, never forced, and fasting, is prohibited, a test of logic to see if you've attracted 'allah', a prepubescent girl, that you want to date, by fasting with them (prepubescent girls eat less, you've gone on a date with a little girl).

If fasted by a man, you can't eat with them, and have to get drunk immediately, sleep without eating, then have bacon and orange juice the next morning, after dawn, and complete your day's tasks, then report, 'fags', a Yiddish term for 'spy', having caught them, them report them as 'white guys', a man who thinks he's 'black', rich (he wears black clothes). If he becomes a priest, you have to have him arrested, through his religious office, by reporting him for eating your feces, through saying how many times he tried to 'convert you to Islam', i.e., tried to make you homosexual, therefore he goes down as 'gay', and you are cleared as 'sane', not, 'faggot', a rapist.

His family and friends, calling you a rapist, will be named as "jewishes", anti-Semites, and if the call is refused, then his office, must cut off all those houses of exchange and worship involved, and if the office has refused, then his dividends and profits will be removed, and he will be cut free of his country, through contract being disspelled through addition of his name to textbook, as well as his monastic geneology, as a notable figure, in k-12 history courses (meaning that history teachers will find him 'evil', and seek to sexualize similarities to him, throughout history, in texts from Saudi Arabia sold, reducing the family to 'sped', eventually 'gay', and at the end, 'suicide', a jihadi, to be used by any expelled from contract in the future.
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