What is Catholic Socialism (Farrakhan, a Crime Ring)?

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Genetic Profile: Farrakhan, has the Manxman gene, as well as Jesuit training (the concept of placing one's child as Virgil the Poet from Dante Alighieri's Inferno, as the character themselves paired with wife, to manipulate the Tarot, the stability of a police or prison or school structure).

Analysis of Jesuit Manx Nubian: His work relies upon falsehoods stated to malignantly manipulate the basic point out of four, with the most readily accepted work, being that lie which is believed from the group victimized, to identify them in terms of future structure of addition to Jesuit logic — for use on a victim, by the Jesuit movement, Farrakhan being highly paid for his work.

Formation of Jesuit Logic: It uses a quadrant set, with four groups of religious training based on sitting posture (Asia, signals, Judaism, machinism, Europe, chivalry, or Africa, precision).  These four sitting postures are Lotus (Zazen), Crane (Ken), Horse (Shogo), and Stack (Cross).

Basis of Racial Dischord: Each one of the groups, is identified by a false progenitor group, for label of society having created the sitting form, removed from logic (Asia, India, actually the Caucasian Mountains, Judaism, Arabia, actually Babylon, Europe, Russia, actually Iberia, and Africa, Egypt, actually Congo).

Japanese: Lotus position, is used for inducing a proxy fatality, through a combined signal of identical type, but opposition in artistic portrayal, taking the chosen form, and using the opposed form, to induce psychosis in anyone using a "Hindi" formula, a blended language cipher.  Hence we can see, that Buddhism, is contrary to Hinduism, however placed in the same culture by bigots (Jesuit Christians raised in Jewish culture to deliberately manipulate police, militaries, and schools).

Judaism: Crane position, is used for swordsmanship with logic, through a machine lay with a clawed hand, and a lift with a flat hand through being placed under, hence the claw moves downwards, and the hand lifts while turned up, receiving.  This is for a lightfoot battle regiment, developed in Babylon by writ law, as opposed to Arabic culture, a test of law, the prior, Babylon, considered the ethos of Judaism to take advantage of the potential poisoning by shellfish, and the latter, Arabia, witchcraft within the determination of Jews (Jesuit anti-Semites, the test of law, as opposed to the written law, with no individual given body of law as representation, or test of law considered illegal due to forcing someone into a disability out of an adaptation necessary).  

Celtic: Shogo position, is used for leadership support of infantry, the dismount of a horse once a skilled warrior is isolated between infantry forces, and the place of the sword across the head of the isolated warrior, the purpose and concept of morale warfare.  This is chivalry, the knight, not meant to fight as a particular soldier or unit of tactic, but rather to eliminate a dangerous foe in the rival infantry unit, forcing cooperation of one's own infantry to allow the placement of public signal to death of the rival in a 'ring', that meaning, one has identified a criminal and placed a ring of one's own soldiers around them, contrary to Russia, the crime ring, that being poorly adept soldiers striking around the rear and fore, demoralizing both (alcoholic Jesuits use Russian culture, the crime ring, the movement of criminal rings and mobsters seen ahead and behind, instead of the public execution with effort of friendly forces of the foe, after friendly foes do the work of isolating the enemy, the latter being Queen Samhain of Iberia, the Celtic leader, who would execute a foe after her male infantry isolated him, using a brimstone mail, a wrapped leather band around the right hand with a sulphur-covered bronze spike held between the fore and middle fingers, the sword in the left hand).

Dahomey: Stack, the crossed leg, is used for politics, from placing the legs in a cross-legged position, unless asserting against an enemy, then a stack is performed, placing the enemy into poverty from public acrimony against precise and clever application of fact, instead the foe making an accusation that moves their 'cohorts', misapplied to Rome, into lower financial equitable position, trapping them in poverty.  This is Congolese, the determination by a future village elder as to whom the foes in the village are, whom assumes that politics is based on placement or class or blood or skin or power, instead of the mere willingness to signal as a potential leader, perhaps falling in warfare, perhaps otherwise.  This is contrary to Egypt, with the removal of power from the God-King, and the reliance on advisors, 'wizards', who also do nothing, and each stage of society having equally poor function, to support a society wherein there is no sense of history or religion or time, reinventing itself at every generational purge, (remedial Jesuits, those who believe in rigid hierarchy and chain of command, choosing Egypt's poorly annotated and placed culture of poverty through choice of status token, instead of the Congo's culture of political leadership being willingness to act, hence marking self as a leader without authority, or any expected, merely to defeat a foe that has acted poorly).

Summary of Jesuit Manx Nubian: So let's look back at Farrakhan's Manx system of Jesuits, through the implications of his four alterations to seated position, to understand what an African Jesuit is.  We'll take each negative assertion of false background, and then look at the intent of the seated position they've lost, to become a Catholic system for poorly acquitted minorities, run out of socialist quarters in the Papacy's Spaniard (Arab) orders.

Stipend of Terms: We have the non-defined Christian, instead of a Catholic, as manipulating police, militaries, and schools, beholden to Catholics, violating laws of signals complexity.  We have the anti-Semite, instead of a scholar, as reducing terms of machine logic of society, working as a mobbed mass of vice parlor men and women.  We have the criminal, instead of the morale, working to isolate individuals from society that are law abiding and speak to common cooperation.  We have the remedial, the imprecise and the slanged mind, relying on authority as a mark of status in an order, instead of willingness to lead being a mere token act.

Summary: Together, you have Catholic socialism, the Christian Populist Movement.
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Reply Thu 4 Aug, 2022 09:03 am
What is the result of staring up Lyssa's bumhole?
bobsal u1553115
Reply Thu 4 Aug, 2022 02:47 pm
What is the result of staring up Lyssa's bumhole?

Seeing his head crowning? Not a pretty sight, I'm sure.
Reply Fri 5 Aug, 2022 08:09 am
@bobsal u1553115,
It was a rhetorical question, Lyssa being the god of madness, and Cheater's diatribe is the result of the aforementioned staring.
NSFW (view)
Reply Wed 10 Aug, 2022 11:45 am
I wasn't talking to you, it was for the benefit of others.

I feel a bit grubby to be honest, your posts remind me of the visits to Bedlam by the aristocracy parodied by Hogarth.

Poking fun at your delusions is very similar to the way the lunatics were mocked back then, and I should feel guilty for laughing at your mind slobbering nonsense.

I don't feel guilty because you're such a repulsive antisemite.

Btw, people who speak in such repulsively graphic terms about sexual acts don't have actual sex, as your iguanaesque countenace testifies.
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