18 y.o. addicted to video games, no social life

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My 18 y. o. son has always loved playing video games but now not only does he play them, he also has friends that he communicates with only online, via chat. Of course this has gotten worse since the pandemic happened. They sometimes meet in person (they went to same HS) but every evening/night they're on chat. On top of playing the games and watching a show, he is constantly on screen when he is home (he has 2 part-time jobs this summer). He is not interested in going anywhere (except for his daily walk in the park for an hour) or meeting with people. Not interested in joining any clubs at a college. He helps out in the house but not without complaining first. We want to limit his time on the computer and get him out to hang out with people and go places whether it's with us or with friends. We suggested counseling at his college but of course he refused saying he does not need that. We are concerned for his mental health. We try to get him out of the house with us but a lot of times it's a big struggle. Has anyone dealt with a similar problem and has any advice?
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I don't see a huge problem here, but maybe the potential for one in the future. Let me rephrase your post.

- Your son is working two jobs, so he is not sitting on the couch all day.
- He helps around the house but complains about it meaning that he is a typical 18-year-old and would probably qualify as a typical husband.
- Your son does have a social life and good friends that he hangs with all the time, they just meet up online instead of in real life.
- When he feels the need to stretch his legs, he goes for hour long walks.

If his grades in college suffer, you might have a real concern, but you didn't mention that. If he starts to have health problems due to lack of exercise, that could be an issue, but again, he is working and getting exercise. I suggest you back burner this particular concern unless you see more issues.
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I agree wholeheartedly with this very sound outlook.
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He is eighteen he has the hold world ahead of him. Seriously does he have any goals ( anything he does at all ??? ) I had drawing and illustrating, and handy around computers and outdoors stuff. Seriously ??? anything he enjoys ??? Going to the Gun-Range? Horse back riding? Again I do not know what kind of household you have and in all honestly.....

I do not believe in pay-DLC, and just download all of my media. The reality all of those media stuff one day could fit on a tiny chip that could insert inside your phone and is worthless.

If he has no game plan and has nothing pride-full to talk about and no direction I suggest getting him into being a surgical-major, Yes I say be a surgeon. All he wants to do is hang out and play videogames..( not even having any girls in the house in his bed ) is like a waste of humanity.

I love videogames and all but the reality girls eat money because of the motherhood mentality. Unless he is going to be a tall, muscular guy with dreadlocks that runs into a girl who makes tons of money and him and her could live immature while he plays the role of house-husband ( like my uncle from the new-age generation ) I highly doubt so. I see no girl in his life, and your above the age to enter a club when they have 18 only nights. What is the point What is he doing with his life ????

When my dad was 18 him and girl was going to have a life for themselves. His mother said no, and his brothers disagree with him. My dad saw her years later. The girl went with some military guy and took her to some Island vacation spot and prostituted her, and she caught aids. She blames him.

Point I am saying I know girls who knew guys from the crib, and the same guy they married. They comes from circle-view drives and his family is a business owner, and he is self-proclaimed musician.

Not everybody has a silver-spoon or is blessed into running into somebody who is good at all. Nobody everybody meets anybody who is good at all. Some people might have money but they live the same lives of somebody who is virtually homeless.

Again I was him ( literally am but not 18 ) I would be

working out
running around picking up girls,
Getting my Drivers license and CDL
Learning how to swim.
Learning how to maintain a bank account and learning about equity and property.


Their is nothing wrong with hanging out with friends but spending money on video-games and your not a millionaire is kind of worthless and insane in this day and age.

I would start charging him rent or even making him do specific chores.

Even have him talk about or show you some of the games he has been playing and having him open up and speak freely as an filthy minded adult ( Just to get that out the way )..

He is 18 not 12. He can vote, smoke, and in three years nobody is going to care if he OD on alcohol. In several years he will be disqualified from being in various job services outside of donating his time or being deputized. Point being it is a waste for him to burn money on something he does not own and will hold no value where it could be put to better usage.

Is he making games or just being a consu-mon?

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