Is there anything that would cause you not forgive?

Reply Tue 5 Jul, 2022 12:40 pm
Different states, I suppose.
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Linkat, she is your daughter and at that time was only 16 years old.
I would make such a ruckus about this and what better time then at a reunion when everyone is there.
I would have confronted that SOB in front of everyone and I would have given him hell right then and there. Who cares what other family members think, this is your child and she was not only exploited she was threatened to silence too.
Everything you ever teach your children to come forward when something like this happens, she did not do out of fear and she kept it for far too long hidden from everyone. Can you imagine the stress and the burden she carried around?

Alone for your daughter's suffering this imbecile needs to be exposed and in front of everyone involved within your in-law family. How do you know he didn't do this to others when he was younger? How many girls within your relatives had to suffer the same way your daughter did?

This person needs to be exposed to everyone and if I were you I would send an email to the fact to every relative there is. Plus the police needs to be involved as well. Don't let this person get away with it because you think he's on a downhill spiral anyways. You do not know who he takes with him on that journey down and knowing what you know now, you'd be an accessory to anything he'll do to others.

There would be no forgiveness for anyone hurting my child, never!
The Anointed
Reply Tue 5 Jul, 2022 05:29 pm
There would be no forgiveness for anyone hurting my child, never!

You’re not alone there, some two thousand years ago, the crowd in Jerusalem screamed out; “Let his blood be on our heads and the heads of our children,” and even though the child cried out; “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do,” I believe that what happened to that city a few years later?????
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