How do you know when you've run out of reasons to be alive?

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In my mid 20s I made a mistake. I studied at a bad college without knowing you had to check their reputation. That was 10 years ago. This year, there could be the chance to try again. But what is the point. It is still uncertain what university I'll end up in, if the subject is realistic, or if I even care anymore. The only reason I'm trying is because I've lost everything else. When others needed help I was there, when things went bad for me everyone walked out. Getting a new job and place will also be a game of sheer luck. I am not an idiot or a bad person. If the lesson was to be more careful about your career, tell me how if you've no experience or contacts and no one helps. All I ever wanted was 5 minutes of advice from someone who could be half bothered. When I weigh it up it seems crazy to be alive. After that who would want to be alive to go through that after one bad choice.
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IANAD but you sound clinically depressed.

Please seek medical attention.
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Reply Thu 12 May, 2022 10:20 am
If you feel this bad and honestly feel you are running out of reasons to be alive call this number


They will help you. I am serious.

Also I suggest you reach out to a local community college. They will help you determine potential college classes to start out with, they may give you an assessment test to see where your talents and interest lay. And bonus they are significantly cheaper than traditional 4 year colleges.

I am helping my daughter through something a little similar and she us moving from a traditional expensive 4 year after her freshman year, taking a step back going to a community college for her second year to re access her self. People all do things differently there is no right or wrong way... Just your way.

Bonus as you take classes you can meet others .... Community colleges are filled with people at all different ages and situations it might just give you that little boost you need to find something that motives you.
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