Can pharmaceutical Dopamine be used after stimulant binge?

Reply Sat 7 May, 2022 07:15 am
I was wondering if taking small doses of Dopamine commercially named Levodopa, or even Ropinirole and Pramipexole---which can boost Dopamine levels is a better way for a faster recovery? Anyone tried Levodopa or any of its other brands or above-mentioned medications after a stimulant binge or using it during? If so, which has helped most to get back on your feet quickly? If not, what did not work?
Reply Sat 7 May, 2022 07:23 am
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Reply Sat 7 May, 2022 07:30 am
I agree with you but pretty looking for suggestions. Can i edit and reword what i wrote and ask as a suggestion?
Thanks in advanced and have a wonderful day.
Reply Wed 11 May, 2022 08:11 am
You can't rephrase medical advice which is what you're asking for.

See a doctor.
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