My friend htam9876 has asked to open this thread:

Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2022 02:45 pm
He wishes to continue his theories regarding the individual, personal freedom, bullying wasps toggle - toggling, practical Buddhist precepts.


Wed 20 Apr, 2022 02:26 pm
Mad bull is trying to force Pig Head Award stop too.
Can you start a new thread to discuss the problem of mad bull in the name of COISA?
The First Order had sabotaged my effort in PHF in 2020.
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Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2022 03:14 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
Piggy’s theory is actually one step forwards on the “authentic” theories. And piggy is just trying to help those “authentic” guys amend their theories and complete their theories. Actually, in many occasions, piggy even tries hard to back them up…So, sometimes piggy really wonder whether the pig can count as “eccentric”, as Adesh said in PHF.
But no one seems love in the J -10 style of “delusional squat”. It’s just rubbish to bother others.

So, piggy commissioned bobsal, director of COISA, to start a special thread to discuss the problem of that mad bull.
To defend the freedom of America.

Mr. izzythepush, the honorable adviser of COISA, always suggest j - 10 bully bully to submit a paper for strict scientific analysis.
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Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2022 07:33 pm
Piggy not yet joined any religion, but piggy is a friend of all religions;
Piggy is a Chinese, but piggy is a friend of all countries;
Piggy is just a personal researcher who engages in normal scientific research, while concerns nothing about politics. Of course, piggy suffers the absolute and overall dark sanction of those domestic local dark lords, piggy has to kick those barstards's *ss. If politics thinks that this is politics, then, politics has to make a choice…perhaps piggy has to be a “loser” again

My thread “T vs R” has been forced stop by J – 10 style of “delusional squat”, and my physics thread is actually destroyed by J – 10 style of “delusional squat”, “”abuser” undermined the interest of normal users. It’s unfair. If such situation goes extreme, freedom will be destroyed.
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Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2022 08:52 pm
Winner vs loser, touchy and feely

Piggy played a match stick game in PHF in 2020 and lost.
Although piggy was defeated by the what coffin box from what CN in PHF, but it doesn’t mean that what coffin box won out in international scientific community. Piggy can’t find out in which year that guy won an “Oscar” Prize for physics or for astronomy.呵呵

Now, in one hand, mad bull is attacking, while in another hand, piggy almost can’t visit this galaxy. It seems join action? Piggy is not quire sure.


In the 21st century around the world, the most complicated game would be the First Order’s game.
Piggy feels the first order has decided to shout “execute”…
Piggy dies hard.
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Reply Thu 21 Apr, 2022 03:48 pm
Piggy now feels that J – 10 style of “delusional squat” could be more harmful that AI and spammer. Computer system can identify AI and spammer and effectively prevent them from invasion. But computer system can’t identify J – 10 style of “delusional squat”. It’s a new challenge to internet safety. If J – 10 style of “delusional squat” trends to extreme, the cyber – community will be destroyed.
Reply Sat 23 Apr, 2022 02:11 am
Perhaps, the conspiracy of J -10 bully bully to force the ongoing Pig Head Award 2022 stop has failed, unless he can bury this galaxy with his J -10 style of “delusional squat”. 呵呵 The First Order will appreciate him very much.
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Reply Sat 23 Apr, 2022 02:24 am
I have given him a link to 30 science based forums and chat sites, if he is serious about science he will use them.

I don't think he will.
Reply Sat 23 Apr, 2022 05:17 am
He just bully bully in this small nest to destry this community. Piggy "sure enough" if mad bull go to PHF toggle toggle, that "authentic" rabbit Dandan would kick its *ss to hell in one hour.
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Reply Sat 23 Apr, 2022 06:20 am
Weekend, take a rest, guys.
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Reply Sun 24 Apr, 2022 03:12 pm
Seems J – 10 style of “delusional squat” will successfully bury this galaxy. How happy the First Order should be. haha
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Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 04:03 pm
Piggy saw a fun guy talking “heroism” in the philosophy forum. Something odd…
Why the word “illness” must associate with the word “heroism”?
Why the word “atheism” must associate with the word “illness”?
Could it be the effect of the negative mind of the author of that thread only?
Piggy always says when a guy tries to attack others, pee on the ground and take a look at himself first…

Piggy considers Sco, that lance corporal, in the Oscar winning film 1917 was “heroism”…
“They went to sea in a Sieve, they did;
In a Sieve they went to sea;
In spite of all their friends could say;
On a winter morn, on a stormy day;
They went to sea in a Sieve;
Far and few, far and few;
Are the lands of the jumblies lives;
Their heads are green and their hands are blue;
And they went to sea in a Sieve.”

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Reply Thu 12 May, 2022 05:53 pm
Special Meeting of the Pig Head Committee ﹠COISA

Piggy noticed wasp PRESENCE in the philosophical building again.
Although wasp seldom PRESENCE recently, but thereafter some “non - sense” threads (topics) continuously appear. Piggy is AWARE of something: whether it’s variation of virus (tactic changes)? Or, “bad guys have friends too”? Actually such “non - sense” threads (topics) seems new type of “delusional squat”. They can bury up this galaxy too. Piggy’s own response will be “not to waste any time to take a glimpse at anything in such threads anymore”.

Piggy always says that the First Order will never ignore what piggy is doing this life.
Also, as piggy said once upon a time, piggy would probably not be able to visit this galaxy at any time.
And piggy has to spend time do some scientific research in this new era of PRESENCE – PROPERTY.
So, piggy has some suggestions here as below:
1. If some of our members can access other foreign media, please reach out to propagate the pig’s achievement in scientific research;
2. COISA and PHC should join hands to set up our own website in the possible future. We need to publish news and scientific articles through multi channels.

To promote scientific research. Only an idiot would think that it might “have compassion for” the pig and “lead to charity”. Piggy dies hard. Piggy “sure enough”.

Piggy always says that the First Order’s game would be the most complicated game worldwide in the 21st century. They CONTROL large amount of social resource, enough to define piggy as a dead man. No matter how much social resource they would input, no matter how complicated the game would be, piggy has to be a dead man…So many years, piggy felt the step by step “constraint” by those bastards. Actually piggy has been an alive – dead man in the domestic society for a few years...Piggy has given up any survival hope domestically.
If we can’t do extra things in this society, just argue here with those guys, we will be a “loser”, no matter actually we have advantage in normal scientific research.
But piggy always says that “cabals ever win”.
Take care.

Thank you, guys.

Liqiang Chen
May 13, 2022

I'm a poor wayfaring stranger
I’m travelling through this world of woe
Yet there’s no sickness, not toil, nor danger
In that bright land to which I go
I’m going there to see my Father
I’m going there no more to roam
I’m only going over Jordan
I’m only going over home
I know dark clouds will gather ‘round me,
I know my way is rough and steep
But golden fields lie just before me
Where God’s redeemed shall ever sleep
I’m going there to see my mother
And all my loved ones who’ve gone on
I’m going there no more to roam
I’m only going over Jordan
I’m only going over home

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Reply Wed 18 May, 2022 11:09 pm
Just came back from other galaxies.

Perhaps “maximum speaking” is one operation rule of a2k. Perhaps a2k is trying to “have compassion for” all its users and guarantee “free speech” and “lead to charity” for all. But it’s not the job of PHC. Nor it could be the job of science. The job of PHC is to promote normal scientific research and guarantee the winners of PHA can receive explicit message.
When we feel that some abnormal phenomena occur, (no matter what reason behind), and somebody is intentionally trying to overwhelm our normal scientific research and the chance of PRESENCE with “delusional squat”, we should find a way out.
How can normal scientific research compete with “delusional squat” in a “fair” environment? They can produce tons of “delusional squat” “Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” at any time, just “output” from their mind casually. Hassle, attach…that’s all they are doing…But normal scientific research is “rigorous” analysis or say “thought out”. A normal scientist often has to spend much time to think about a question in an all around and systematical way, while perhaps still not able to make a pretty conclusion.
Those non self discipline guys are abusing the resource of the a2k galaxy and do something unfavorable to it and damage its future. The most happy guys of course would be the First Order. Once upon a time, piggy reminded that the First Order might have attached the PHF galaxy in 2020.
Piggy knew many days ago that the J – 10 style of “delusional squat” “Blah blah, toggle, plus, minus, blah blah, gravity magnetism” were trying to bury up the physics forum. Piggy doesn’t care, and really is not willing to waste any time to talk anything there. Piggy has been made numb by it. haha
Piggy is glad that COISA is always trying to do something to defend this “comfortable pot” for the interest of all “frogs” here.

Perhaps science is in the darkest period of its history. The so called what “standard” model actually is the conspiracy of some people to set up “constraint” in scientific research. As Mr. Leadfoot said elsewhere once upon a time in the thread T vs R: “They are not afraid of big brother, just afraid of looking different than normal.”
Once upon a time piggy said that actually the mass – space equation is an equation hidden in Einstein’s SR for more than one century. The derivation is not very complicated in math. But the fact is that those “authentic” guys are “just afraid of looking different than normal” in all galaxies.
“The kinetic energy of a particle, touchy and feely
Using the principles of relativity one can derive the expression for the kinetic energy Ek of a particle. As v → c, Ek → infinity.
Why the kinetic energy of a released photon is obviously not infinite?”
The answer is obvious that the principles of relativity is not applicable to a released photon…

Piggy feels human’s thought has been constrained dead by the “standard”. They have been the “standard” flock of those already dead. So, it is perhaps NOT “surprising how little the fundamentals of physics have moved in the last 50 years...”
The most tragedy would be those schoolboys, who have to accept the “standard” constraint unconditionally and are not allowed to think independently.
But unfortunately, over 99 percent of the “scientific” territory is in CONTROL by those “standard”, who actually already “heavy accumulated and hard to go back”.

In another hand, piggy himself has been suffering be First Limitation claimed by the First Logic (the First Order). Only unfavorable factors are allowed to come into piggy’s lif.e Piggy played all kinds of complicated games with them in different occasions in this cosmos for many years. Of course, piggy is always a “loser” in games. Piggy is really tired.
Piggy is old and is in bad health (due to the cruel and all around dark sanction of the First Order for so many years,), piggy even is not able to secure his own old bones. That means piggy die hard logically. I am “sure enough”.
Scientific research is not the pig’s job only. Piggy is just trying to promote it. The PHA is the pig boy rather than this old pig. This old pig would go to see Einstein at any time and never come back. Piggy really doesn’t know what’s the fate of science. Actually, most of my time is spent on worrying about the safety and prospective of my family members.

Have a lovely day, guys.
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Reply Tue 31 May, 2022 03:23 pm
Wasp is back! Horrible…
That means wasp is always watching what piggy is doing (in the philosophy forum)…So would the First Order too, piggy guesses.
But piggy really is not interested in wasting any time to take a glimpse at what wasp is doing in the physics forum. At most it’s “delusional squat” to bury this galaxy again. Piggy “sure enough”.呵呵
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Reply Thu 2 Jun, 2022 07:37 am
Those kind of non – sense threads appear in the philosophy forum more and more. Wasp delusional squat came back. Sooner or later, they would bury this a2k galaxy.
PHC and COISA should be AWARE of this trend.
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Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2022 01:43 am
J – 10 style of “delusional squat” keep stalking piggy again and again.
It’s unforgiveable.
Piggy hereby invites scientists worldwide to go to the physics forum to take a look and verify whether J – 10 knows physics and magnetism or not…

Or just an attempt to attack science and destroy physics?
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Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2022 06:10 am
Piggy thinks that J – 10 style of “delusional squat” is damaging the future of America.
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Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2022 04:41 am
What a real researcher cares is why piggy’s physics model could be INTERCONNECTED with SR, QM, classical electromagnetism, the cosmos, etc, while the “authentic” / “standard” theory of probability wave can’t do that…呵呵
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Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2022 02:51 pm
Today piggy found that those pictures of rabbits and pigs in my threads can’t be seen in my browser anymore.
Actually piggy even can't access PHF at present.
But it just means they closed their door to some new research. Piggy thinks. 呵呵

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