How do You Kill the Hero of the Day?

Reply Wed 16 Feb, 2022 05:26 am
Ever seen the Metallica video for "Hero of the Day"?

It features a member of the Bourbon bloodline, of France. Although not the merged bloodline with the Medicis, the combined Italian rulership of France within the Versailles, the man is repugnant enough on his own.

A Bourbon, will make a gesture, to treat you as if a hound and himself a child, the common effeminate male homosexual gesture when touching their own child having been caught with perhaps a sister of the man. Then, a swift blow, to win their fight.

We've invented guns, among the Tibetan families of Europe, deliberately for this form of man.

But it seems foibly and purposeless, the Bourbons a lingerie salesman by their genome adherent origin.

Everything they seek to take, and turn into an exercise for sales of their own crease of buttocks, to a woman for the separation of her bosom.

The best way, is to eat their candy, but you have to get close enough to one of them for an odorous rooming assignment, once they find themselves fixated on your feet having attained blister and boot and socks' semen, and of course their nasal joy, talcum powder, making you irrestistable as the model of a new exulted hero.

They've particularly offended me, having taken the Irish criminal term, "felch monger", the term for a man who cripples those that seek to steal children for womb and for clergy and for rabbi and for law, most disgustingly so an actor's school for a child.

They now call the term a sexual derision, intended originally for kicking a shin splint from the side, breaking an arm in a car door, or best yet, an MI-6 Irish, the alteration of medical records of an amusing blood type for a joyful birth of a Viking "cripple", our term for a defeated Saxon.

So how about we atone the Bourbons, with a Pirate Bay download of "Hero of the Day", off of Pirate Bay, not the Armenian Mob's Napster venture on behalf of the RIAA and Mossad, from the end of the Clinton administration in the late 90s (and the extorted lawsuit). Pirate Bay, is an INTERPOL entrapment scam, for an accusation in court if you beat a payee private detective run on you, the INTERPOL scam at its highest, for a man so jaded and disillusioned in wealth that they "hire" a police sergeant, instead of merely using the government as intended (but not for a rich man, we having democracy, not something a French corporate understands, having been born of Bourbon logic, a hammed whiskey in a French offer).

I find it amusing, to take a scam song, from a poor band, high in its hey-dey with their revival killed for a corporate deal, and cross them between France and Israel, into a Netherlands Dutch marijuana stock bubble movement, NORML, intended for the sales of police arms to a country after the disenfranchised children fall off the rinks and rails, due to the presence of an attorney's clavier run by the Bourbons themselves (the "sketch", a man who is clearly not a cop, roomed with "poncho jim", a Bourbon operative, or if a Bourbon themselves, "the ferguzi", the term the Royal English and Irish termed, aside from Royal Scots, a poor sat aside in any war, seeking to die on a toilet, shouting, 'freedom' - the tantalizing tradition of Mel Gibson).
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sat 19 Feb, 2022 05:44 pm
How do You Kill the Hero of the Day?
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Simple. Compel him to read just one more of these. Surefire. Get him insured, double indemnity, first.

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