Educational Corruption Within the NYC DOE

Reply Wed 26 Jan, 2022 05:02 am
Here is something you can do which is far better than anything I have to say about educational corruption:

Search online for corruption within the NYC DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. You will find lots of articles about former teachers, principals, main office staff, etc exposing corruption withing a failing system that simply cares more about money and politics than education. Let me put it this way: Education is not the main focus of the NYC Board of Education.

Here is a small list:

1. Hiring out-of-subject teachers. You know, math teachers teaching history, English teachers teaching gym, gym teachers teaching art, etc. This is done to fill-in the much needed gap of teachers in all grades. Students suffer greatly at the end of the highway of life.

2. Academic Promotion--promoting academically weak students from grade to grade creating the illusion that learning has taken place.

3. Teaching the test---too much time on teaching students how to pass standardized exams and zero time on actual learning. Teaching the test makes the school district appear to be doing its job to educate but this is so far from the truth. When students pass standardized exams, the schools look good leading to more money from the government, money that goes into the pockets of the superintendent and the other goons at the top of the ponzi scheme.

4. Hiring people to teach without state certification. A person hired to teach must show academic competency. For example, hiring someone to teach algebra should require knowing how to do proofs. If a person can solve 2x + 5 = 90 but does not know what makes this equation linear, this leads to poor instructional delivery.

5. Sweeping bad seeds under the rug. Principals are very good at hiding the truth in terms of corrupt teachers based on friendship developed over the years.

I can go on and on. Search online. You will find endless articles about educational corruption within the NYC DOE and across the board.

You say?
Reply Wed 26 Jan, 2022 11:23 am
The one thing on items 1 and 3 we are also seeing in MA. This has nothing to do with corruption but because of lack of teachers. We are giving emergency licences to college graduates to teach with the stipulation they obtain a certification within a certain time period. So I do not think all this stuff is due to corruption some due to necessity ...what is the other option ? No teachers or extremely large classrooms?

I do agree with the others but not sure it is corruption so much as teachers hands being tied on what is expected or simply a very bad system.
Reply Wed 26 Jan, 2022 06:45 pm
I call it corruption. Watch the famous documentary Waiting for Superman and then get back to me.
Reply Thu 27 Jan, 2022 02:38 pm
nycdad wrote:

Watch the famous documentary Waiting for Superman

You like telling people what to do.

That might be why you're finding things so tricky right now.

Personally I don't give a monkey's about the educational system in NYC.
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