What is she hiding?

Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2021 09:50 am
All joke aside, not saying anything I have posted before was a joke or just not serious but I have an issue I'd really like some help with. My wife and I are in our early 50s. I'm 52 and she's 51. We have been living in a rental house for some 17 years or so. We have recently decided that now is the time for us to crack down and finally purchase a house. We came across a program (NACA) that will help us get into a position to purchase a home. While sitting through that 4 hours zoom presentation one of the things the presenter said was for us to be upfront and honest about our finances. Now is not the time to get mad that your spouse has a secret credit card. Just figure out how to pay down the debt. Another thing they said was to be upfront and honest about your finances. Don't have too many bank accounts and they need to know what money is coming into the house. Here's where the wife and I are having a problem. My wife is addicted to playing Bingo on Facebook. She plays and hosts games. These people pay into the game by cashapping her money to get into it then the winner gets the pot and she gets a cut from the winnings. Well, we all know how Cash App works. Someone sends you money and it goes into your bank account. My wife, has a cash app card that she uses as one of her debit cards. So that money never goes into her regular bank account. We'll go out to eat and she'll pay with her cash app card. We'll go buy groceries and she'll whip out her cash app card to pay. She never tells me how much she's making from playing Bingo but I suspect it's more than she's leading on. She'll tell me she's only making $2 or $3 each game. I honestly think she's making more than what she's saying. After the NACA presentation I mentioned she needed to be up front and honest about whatever money she's making and that included her Bingo money. She said that they didn't need to know about that money. I would like to finally have a house of my own but I'm not going to do it if my wife is not honest about her finances. She thinks I'm wrong to not want to go through the program is she doesn't divulge that Bingo money. If I'm going to be honest about my money then I feel she needs to be honest too. What is she hiding? How much money could she be making from playing Bingo? Again, she has never told me how much she makes either from winning or hosting. I didn't sit through a 4 hour zoom presentation only for her to hide money.

All jokes aside about our history. Am I wrong here in my thinking? She refuses to tell how much she makes doing this.
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Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2021 10:08 am
Do you file your taxes jointly? Do you sign those tax forms? If so, and if she's concealing $ from the IRS, then her honesty when it comes to buying a home is the least of your problems.
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Lady Lingiton
Reply Thu 23 Dec, 2021 06:47 am
She makes next to nothing from bingo, drop it and go buy a house.

Ask her what her lucky house number is.
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