Eating Just to Eat

Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2021 02:02 am
I have anxiety problems. Anxiety controls everything I do and say. This leads to overeating. I eat just to eat not because I'm hungry. I am 5 feet, 9 inches tall. My current weight is over 260. I am 56 years old. It is by some miracle that I haven't had a heart attack. How many people reading this can relate?
mark noble
Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2021 07:57 am
Everyone/Things' journey is relevant to the 'whole' - If you want to eat, in order to suppress your mental tendencies - Do just that.

Just shovel it in - If it pleases you.
Have a listen to 'No Small Thing', by 'Tears For Fears' - It's only 2 weeks old.

It's free on ytube (Watch the 'Official video (Lights out, no interruptions)

After doing so - Come chat with me - You'll be different, but still recognisable.

Have a lovely Day.

Ps - I -KNOW the art of 'Food' - If you're gonna shovel it in - I bet I can make it taste better, too.
Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2021 06:48 pm
@mark noble,
No thanks. I want to drop the pounds. At 56, I am currently over 260. Go back and read what I said.
mark noble
Reply Thu 23 Dec, 2021 07:38 am
My point is - Do as you will.
If you want dietary information - Ask for it.

I'll be blunt.

Have a beautiful sojourn
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Reply Thu 23 Dec, 2021 07:50 am
If possible get out and walk more. If not get yourself some exercise equipment.
A vertical climber is a pretty good one, but there's loads of different equipment on the market, expensive and non-expensive.
Find one you feel you could and would use.

Control what food you buy, don't buy **** and definitely no take-aways.
Loads of fruit and veggies.

If you need a gee up to get you motivated try using some CBD oil.
That can put a spring in your step.

I'm 58. I've already had a heart attack and weight had a lot to do with it.
So don't delay. Start now.

Reply Thu 23 Dec, 2021 06:44 pm
I walk for a living as a security guard. Thank you for the positive reply. So sorry to know that you experienced a heart attack. Happy to know that you're ok. Stay in touch.
david lyga
Reply Tue 28 Dec, 2021 09:44 am
Best to do what I did to stop smoking 50 years ago. DO NOT STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Simply fool your mind by spacing the bad stuff for longer and longer time gaps.

I smoked heavily from 16 to 26 and had a collapsed lung. I started spacing my cigarettes one hour, two hours four hours, half a day, one full day, etc. I was unaware of the fact that I was actually stopping because that threat of being deprived was not happening because I WAS STILL SMOKING! One day became two days ... became one week. Then something happened: I lost the desire to smoke!

Eating is the same thing: we are terrified of depriving ourselves of all the food we desire. OK, still eat like a pig, but only once per day, then once per two days, etc. It does work. You will not miss the food if you are diligent. And your body will thank you. - David Lyga
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