Separating From Roommate

Reply Wed 8 Dec, 2021 05:20 am
As some of you already know, I signed a one year lease to share an attic that has been transformed into an apartment with a former coworker. I thought he was a nice person. It turns out that Mr. x is a total nightmare to live with.

We both share a place together. I don't like certain things taking place in the apartment. We had a chat. I expressed how I feel about things that he does. He didn't like what I had to say. Mr. x decided to stop talking to me. He is 46. I am 10 years older.

In short, I have decided that once the lease is done, I am moving out. I am moving out alone. My salary isn't great, which means that I probably will end up back in a furnished room scenario. However, anywhere away from this guy is a blessing in my opinion.

He doesn't know about my plans to end the friendship and move on without him. I have a question for you.
Our lease expires 8/7/22. When should I tell him that I am moving on without him? To be honest, I wanted to just leave about two weeks before the lease expires next year. What do you say?
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Reply Wed 8 Dec, 2021 05:37 am
I think you should try to leave on as favourable terms as possible.

You don't want to make an enemy of this guy. I would let him know anout 2-3 months before, but not until you have somewhere else.
Reply Wed 8 Dec, 2021 08:21 am
When do you need to agree with a new lease? Does your lease automatically close at the end of the term or will it turn to the month to month after the end of lease? I know when I was renting I had both if these situations happen

The first my landlord would have us sign a new lease a month before the other ended to continue staying there. If this is the situation you would need to talk to him at least right before and inform him you are not resigning. I'd simply say you have a new living opportunity that fits your lifestyle better. Then give a white lie and say I appreciate having had you as a roommate but I am at the stage of my life where living without a roommate fits me best.

The other situation where a landlord lets a lease laps...typically changes then to a month to month situation...where you are expected ...maybe even legally depends on what state you live in to give 30 days notice you are leaving...similiar situation as above..I would inform your landlord and roommate at the same time.
Reply Wed 8 Dec, 2021 01:12 pm
It sounds like both of you are miserable with this living situation.

You might start dropping hints about your plans to your roommate. Something like, “I’m thinking I will be moving on in August when the lease is up. Just want to let you know what I’m planning.”

Who knows? This person may let you out of the lease obligation early.
Reply Wed 8 Dec, 2021 05:55 pm
Great idea. I don't owe him anything. He doesn't owe me anything. Mr. x has anger management problems, though. I learned a valuable lesson from all of this. What is that lesson? Never move into a place with someone I hardly know.
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Reply Thu 9 Dec, 2021 02:20 am
1. I think the house owner will ask about renewing the lease 2 months before it expires.

2. I told my roommate that I am not going to renew the lease next year.

3. I have not told him about my plans to move on without him.

4. I have no idea if the lease automatically closes at the end of the term. I need to read the lease in full.

5. I had no idea that a lease can turn to a month to month situation. This is my first time dealing with a lease.

6. You gave me a good idea what to say to my roommate when the time is right next year.

7. I will inform the house owner and roommate at the same time that I am moving on and not staying where I am. Look for an update about my situation next year.

8. I refuse to share an apartment with someone who is controlling and nosy. He is not my boyfriend. I am not his wife neither am I gay. He needs to move on without me.
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Reply Thu 9 Dec, 2021 02:26 am
No need to drop hints. He knows I will not be renewing the lease next year. What he does not know is that I am moving on without him. He is 46. I am 56.

He is an adult with two jobs. He makes more money than I do by far. He works 80 hours per week. I work 40 hours. I am going back to the furnished room scenario. I refuse to live with someone who is controlling. We are not dating. I am not his wife, girlfriend or martian.
Time to move on.
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