Is it too late to learn piano

Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 06:31 pm
I’m going to be 20 in the next january and i want to know if its too late for me to learn piano
I’m not thinking of it as a career or being professional, i just want to be able to play what i like , even complicated ones
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Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 06:35 pm
No. It's not too late.
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Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 07:01 pm
Your life is basically over. Once you hit 20 you know what you know. It is all just waiting to die at this point. There is no point in trying anything new
Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 07:14 pm
reading music may be a skill that could take a bit longr but dont fear any art. I larnt to read music whn I wa s quite young an did it ovr keyboard instrumnts which are half lika music dictionary. . Many jazz muicians larned late in their teens and could Never really read music but learnd to develop a style that uses thir memories,

Hell, I learned the banjo at 50 an had half my left hand blown off before i started. now i mostly play keyboard and a dobro or pedal steel guitar.
i tried drum, anybody can play a drum but very few pay it well. ringo starr is really a great one and everyone gives him crap mostly cause he looks like dugong.

go for it. Play the piano by focusing on song chords (Hint: BCG are some of rocks most used chord triads)

Just learn to finger the chords and then learn to play notes within the chords, youll be surprised at how good you can sound and , if youre creative, you can write music based only on chord matrices (Get some piano FAKE books and look at how you fingr th chords and itll come to you in a blast of light)

Dont listen to max, hes an asshole who just thinks hs being funny.
Yer nver to old to play in the arts.
(Sourse, a piano i not xactly a portable instrument like a guitar, maybe you should buy a use CAsio)
Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 07:39 pm
My dad took up piano in his 60s. As long as you are willing to put in the practice you'll be fine.
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Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 07:56 pm
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Real Music
Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 09:12 pm
1. Some years ago, I dabbled with the keyboard.
2. I agree that reading music would take longer to learn.
3. Also playing music as you are reading the music would take longer to learn. I really sucked at reading music.
4. Once I started focusing on learning chords and chord progression, it became more enjoyable.
5. I would look for sheet music that had chord symbols indicated along the top of each measure.
6. I would then ignore the bass and treble clef and focused only on the chord symbols.
7. By doing that, I could play the song while improvising.
8. I could play different (inversions) of the chords.
9. I could choose to play a single bass note of the chord together with the treble notes of the same chord.
10. I could change multiple different rhythms of the chords.
11. Sometimes I might play only the 1st and the 5th note of the chord.
12. Sometimes I might play each note of the chord individually as broken chords.
13. The sound of the chords became much more fuller once I started playing chords that contain (more) than just the three notes.
14. It became a whole lot more interesting once I started learning chords that have more than just 3 notes.
15. Once I learned the (pattern) of how scales and chords are built, that enabled me to translate the chords from one key to another key.
16. I did all this on the keyboard.
17. None of this required reading music.
18. But, it did require learning to recognized and identify chord symbols indicated on the sheet music.
19. I was never really good at playing the keyboard.
20. It was more of just a fun hobby for me.
21. Some of this may have different applications on different instruments.
22. For example. I don't know if you can play chords on a guitar that contains six, seven, or eight notes as a simultaneous single chord.
23. Someone who plays the guitar might know.
Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 09:47 pm
@Real Music,
there ya go, its all about the chords
Real Music
Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 10:05 pm
Sorry. I get long winded when something sparks my interest.
Some topics make me happy to talk about.
Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 10:06 pm
@Real Music,
what do you think about an electric keyboard to get started on?
Real Music
Reply Fri 16 Jul, 2021 10:16 pm
The keyboard was the second and last instrument I ever dabbled with.

The first instrument I tried was the acoustic guitar.

After a handful of guitar lessons, I gave up on it.

Not long afterwards I bought an inexpensive keyboard and a keyboard learning book.

That is when I knew that the keyboard was the instrument I really wanted to learn.

I would definitely recommend starting with an electric keyboard.
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Reply Sat 17 Jul, 2021 03:43 am
Ed Balls started to learn when he was shadow chancellor, in his late 40s.

He’s still going, which is why all of Britain celebrates Ed Balls Day on 28th April each year.
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Reply Sun 18 Jul, 2021 06:32 am
started yet? ya need to get on it and actually do the little steps. Practice chords (first learn em)
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Reply Sun 18 Jul, 2021 07:50 am
@Real Music,
For example. I don't know if you can play chords on a guitar that contains six, seven, or eight notes as a simultaneous single chord.

This gets into chord "voicing". A guitarist, when dealing with a complex modern chord like Bbmaj7(#11) has to select the important notes of the chord, the ones that are providing the tonal color. And the guitarist also has to anticipate how he'll smoothly move to finger the next chord. I have great respect for jazz guitarists, especially ones like Joe Pass who finger their own accompaniment to the melody line.
Reply Sun 18 Jul, 2021 09:21 am
if i were he/she, at this point i wouldnt pass minors or 7th's especially keyboard
Reply Sun 18 Jul, 2021 09:26 am
No, I was addressing RealMusic. But all those chords are still there, waiting to be played!
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