The Revelation of Mary Magdalene

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I was in the spirit on the eve of night, and I heard a voice coming from the clouds, it spoke in the voice of a woman saying, I am the mother of wisdom and out of me was born the truth that would save the world from wrath.

I asked, “Who are you?” and the voice answered, “I am Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

She appeared in the raiment of light and purity and all that is considered rational and thoughtful.

I felt her take my hand and she led me to a landscape that was barren and foreboding where tyrants and warmongers had scorched the earth with their war weapons and greed for power.

Amid this desolation, I saw a stone tower extending high up into the clouds.

We walked as it would seem a while until we reached the door of this tower and we entered in. There was a large spiral staircase that wound its way up to the top of the edifice.

Upon entering the tower Mary spoke to me and said, “I am the voice in the darkness, I am the light in the cave of hidden mysteries, I am the silent one who speaks but my words are forbidden, I am the enlightened one who was falsely accused of treachery and lust. I am the victim who was nailed to the cross and I died for humanity so others could be made alive. I am the transgender of androgyny.

I am the oasis in the desert, and I am the fruit of the barren tree that was cursed and withered.

I am the soul that feeds you with mana, and I am the spirit that comes in the form of clouds raining the holy waters of baptism, I am the sea of infinite speculation.

My love was called sinful, and my words were stricken from the book of life because they revealed what no other would dare speak.

I am the diviner of dreams and the mother of liberty.

I was dethroned and replaced by a beast who spoke lies and poisoned the nations with insults. The beast used wealth and hate to darken the minds so that the light of understanding could find no refuge in its lofts.”

She beckoned me to climb and I proceeded to ascend the long stairway to heaven.

About halfway we stopped and there was a window, I peered out of this window. I could see destruction and burning where the world had been set afire by ruthless people who for selfish gain, sought to destroy the wisdom of knowledge and free thought.

I cried for a moment, I could feel the comfort and empathy from this spirit of compassion who accompanied me on this astral journey into the sky. I knew of the terror she had endured for my sake.

I no longer was afraid, I felt hope and a promise of a better future and clearer understanding of the past.

For the past and future had been stolen and revised with an illusion of fear and loathing. The fruit of knowledge had been replaced with vinegar and spoiled toxic meat that held no nourishment for the soul.

Arrogant boasting had replaced meek rule and the mob of people who followed the beast had no eyes. Their hearts were darkened by the false prophet who had usurped the past and future with fables of doom and war.

She motioned me to proceed further up the stairway.

At the top there was an ornate door, she placed her finger to her lips as if the contents that were contained behind the door were a secret that had been hidden from the eons of time.

She opened the door and revealed behind it, a room filled with marvelous light, many large windows, and ornate books and scrolls filled this room of elucidation.

All the wisdom of time, in every detail and the scrutiny of observation, words in every tongue, mathematics and scientific analysis filled these volumes. Each book was meticulously illustrated with diagrams, drawings and fine artwork depicting chivalry and each unselfish act of kindness was recorded.

These were the forbidden books of love and all the liberty that had been persecuted by hypocritical rulers and envious tyrants. Sin obsessed priests persecuted others in the name of a merciless and “jealous God” in their attempts to thwart this sacred revelation.

Mary wept. She spoke and said, “This was not how life was supposed to be. Love is not supposed to hurt, war was not supposed to become the method for peace.”

The spirit spoke and said, “I have been with you since before all beginnings and my words have been mute, my heart has been locked away in this tower and my wisdom has been lost and replaced by a lie.

The world believes this lie and I am shamed and scorned. The people have stormed the center of learning and rule to throw their stones. For they cannot see the evil leader who was in their eyes, the truth has been kept from them and they see a version of life that is darkened by deception and greed.”

I stood there in the heavens amidst all this learning, and I felt the parody of circumstance, how weakness is might and how meekness is right.

Angels wept. Chaos from order and destruction from paradise. A struggle for understanding where the goal became power rather than providence and prowess rather than people power.

All the bloodshed and ruthlessness could not bring the tower down. The tower stood in the face of all adversity and though it was lost it was never conquered.

The great beast had tried and failed to obliterate learning.

The future and past do not reside in brutality but in reconciliation to liberty.

"Paradise is never lost", the angels of heaven sing... “Glory to the mother of Sophia, whose light shines eternal even in darkness.” Amen

RexRed 6/5/2021
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Frank Apisa
Reply Sat 5 Jun, 2021 12:32 pm
Holy ****!

Rex Red!

Yo, Rex.
Reply Sat 5 Jun, 2021 03:20 pm
@Frank Apisa,
Haha Frank! lol

One of my sentient moments... Smile
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