Target sells Woke Prayer Book: “Dear God, Please help me to hate White people.”

Sun 11 Apr, 2021 03:37 pm
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Prayer Book Urges “help me to hate White people.”

A prayer book called “A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal,” is a number one bestseller on Amazon in the category “meditation”.

One prayer, called “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman,” by Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes, a theology professor at Mercer University, starts:

“Dear God, Please help me to hate White people. Or at least to want to hate them… I want to stop caring about their misguided, racist souls, to stop believing that they can be better, that they can stop being racist.”

The “prayer” then describes the type of White person they want to hate— not the actual blatantly racist ones, but the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who “don’t see color”, are friendly and accepting on the surface.

“Lord, if it be your will, harden my heart. Stop me from striving to see the best in people. Stop me from being hopeful that White people can do and be better. Let me imagine them instead as white-hooded robes standing in front of burning crosses. Let me see them as hopelessly unrepentant, reprobate bigots who have blasphemed the Holy Spirit and who need to be handed over to the evil one.”

“Grant me a Get Out of Judgment Free Card if I make White people the exception to your commandment to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”

This is a sick, insane, religious cult of hateful people. But institutions like churches, schools, and corporations are pushing this blatant racism mainstream.

The book is also available at Target— a store which banned a book that gave voice to transgender people who regretted their decisions to transition.

But hatred of white people is perfectly acceptable.


Sun 11 Apr, 2021 03:45 pm
Sold on the Target website as well.

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White people, the ONLY group of people that's it's perfectly socially acceptable to openly hate.
Sun 11 Apr, 2021 04:29 pm
Yeah, you have a point. This prayer is stupid and ridiculously politically correct. Target is being inconsistent.

But so what? I fail to see how this is a threat to my liberty. I simply won't buy this book.
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Sun 11 Apr, 2021 05:30 pm
you dont get it at all do you. She doesnt hate white people (as many white peopl hate her). She wants to feel what many white people feel about blacks.
You guys are really stupid know it?
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