What does the eye see?

Reply Thu 25 Mar, 2021 08:50 pm
So I know there are some optometrists in here somewhere. But please don't rip this apart, unless u have a Philosophical side.

It is my position that our eyes lie to us. Psychology backs me up on this. Depending upon the agreements held, by any ol' joe, and the amount of momentum behind those agreements, we distort what is actually there.

Argue it all you like, but it is undeniable. So the momentum is fed by all others in agreement. To the point where momentums are born into us and present us with a lying image....

Some have said that we don't deserve the Truth. Others, that we cannot handle it.

But One actually made the claim of BEING the Truth. I'm not here to preach, so chill. I am simply asking to entertain the Idea for a moment.

What exactly IS Truth?

How does Truth differentiate from "fact"?

To me, and as written, Truth is, was and always will be. Fact, on the other hand, is based upon perception, which is known to be full of error. The momentum does not ensure anything but that you will be thrown to the wolves for challenging the "fact".

So what I have tried a few times now to start a convo on, is the "idea" that we can actually Experience lies. I mean, people lie to themselves all the time. It's not like this is some way out theory. This is proven, by daily experience.

I have some very intriguing things to bring to the table, should this conversation actually start, seriously. But this requires all known "science" to be applied in a completely different way.

Some would call it spiritual physics. But no, I'm not following after Rudolph Steiner, or the like. I am merely pointing to our laws of motion affecting things invisible, much more than things visible.

As I bring this to the table for consideration, I must warn ahead of time, that it is dangerous, and far beyond, to attempt to "force" anything at all with this understanding. If this convo unfolds, I will gladly explain, but for now....

Given that we have all seen something that turned out not to be what we thought, heard things that have not been as we understood them, felt things that were not as our flesh told us, given all this, why do we rest our entire scientific method upon our lying senses??
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Reply Thu 25 Mar, 2021 09:00 pm
We teach our kids to be different from the crowd, be themselves, don't follow the crowd, then we do the very same things when it comes to our science. Momentum is the answer.

The old Philosophers had a solution for this basic problem:

"Make fire afraid of Fire".
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