I'm heart broken

Reply Thu 25 Mar, 2021 03:39 pm
When it felt like we were in love, he told me he'd marry me. I was viewing everything with rose tinted glasses. We told eachother we'd have a baby and all be a delightful family and together.

Eventually things went sour. He had less time for me and we didn't do many nice things together, the ''nice'' things we'd do together was sex that he wanted and he could tell I wasn't in to it anymore. I felt used. I'd arrange things for us to do together and often he'd be too busy and when he could come he'd not be able to stay for long. I remember when it felt like love making and not sex. He didn't go out of his way to make me feel special, even during sex.

So I began starting arguments all the time. He even told me I LIKE starting arguments. And that's why he's dumped me. He's ghosting me now. That and he thinks I don't know that he was cheating on me again. Before he left he told me he'd come back one day...🧐

Devastated to say the least that things didn't turn out the way that I fantasized. And I'm so angry and hurt. Grieving a future I never really had.
Reply Thu 25 Mar, 2021 04:06 pm
You deserve better.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find something to do with your free time for the next, I'd say, 4 weeks. Not kidding.

Crochet. Garden. Binge watch. Go to a gym if they're open. Train for a marathon. Reorganize your dresser drawers. Reconnect with friends. Take classes and try to get ahead at work.

It doesn't matter what it is - just, occupy your time and live your life. Be so busy that you don't think about him for much of the day.

Then one day, you'll realize you didn't think about him at all. And when you do, you'll realize that a relationship where he was deceiving you and you were picking fights had no future anyway - so there's nothing to mourn.

But take that time. It does take a while to get over a breakup. It is a form of mourning.
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