Brutal Honesty

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It is my contention that we as human beings can only experience what we believe, until some outside agent forces upon us a stronger will that overpowers our current worldview. It is my current stand that these forceful moments are the reason for such Realm altering worldview’s that seem to conflict with most the “hive mind”, for lack of a better expression. But the hive then does in fact single out the deemed misfit and begins to exclude him or her from society. When in fact, the dissident is merely acting in Trauma, most not remotely close to have asked for such an event. Yet society treats them as though they are the problem. Adding more trauma to what was already enough to fracture the person to begin with.

Now, what if I said, this is the current state of affairs for the hive mind itself? And due to the narcissistic nature of the hive, it is forcing all to become like it, or be excluded.... and die. Alone. Out of sight, out of mind.

Suddenly light has become darkness.

In the case of Plato’s cave, the dissidents often do try to return to the land from which they came, to try to explain the shadows on the wall. They have suffered the light, and return in love for their fellow countrymen.

But as we all know, when the countrymen have been freed, they turn and kill the ones who came to help.

And the lawmakers feel justified, having taken vengeance on the traumatic blitz upon their minds when the dissidents revealed the Truth.

We are terrifyingly close to this as we watched the House vote on HR-5. Passing a Bill to the Senate, that thoroughly defies every bit of religious freedom this country was founded on.

2/3 voted yeh in the House.

But that sets off no red flags for most. This “Equality Act” does away with your freedom to choose. It’s one massive step closer to the Nazi death camps, that are surely coming. Democracy has been overtaken by Media and the people are told how to vote subliminally. Every drop of Media we consume is layered with subliminals. Music, tv, advertising, books, literally everything we take into out “cup”, is all that can come out.

They have worked very hard for their Chaos.

The bringing it to Order brings the Georgia Guidestones to life.

But eh, just what I see. I left the cave. I suffered the light.

Do you really think you have a choice in anything anymore?? Maybe in how we react, but not as to outcomes. Our heart in it is all we ever had.

And most have been devoured, by the ones they fight to protect.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall....

“Lie to me”, they say.

Because facing reality is traumatic too.

The choice then is, in the words of George Thorogood....

“Whooo do you looooooove”?!
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Not yoooooou.
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