effect of reporting a message to Facebook

Reply Sun 17 Jan, 2021 09:33 am
I would like to know what could be the most probable effect of reporting someone's private massage, if they too, Facebook, see that that message has broken their rules, indeed. Do you think that they immediately delete that person from Facebook? And even if they decide so, what could be the time they really delete him/her? Weeks or months? And even if that happens, I think he/she can make a new Facebook profile without any problem. With the same name, or if it isn't possible, then with almost the same name, for e.g. Pete Stone, instead of Peter Stone. And if it's so, and I discover it, can I report his returning to Facebook, and can I expect, in any extent, of his becoming re-deleted by Facebook?
Reply Sun 17 Jan, 2021 10:19 am
The vast, vast majority of FB moderation occurs via programming. The chances of a human reading your report are virtually zero.

As for when a ban would take effect, it would probably be a warning/temp ban to start. FB doesn't seem to go nuclear unless it's for a damned good reason, and they rarely immediately go nuclear.

Can someone make a new profile? Yes, and they might. Will FB take action? You can report them and see if they will.

But I am thinking with credible threats of violence for the next few days, coming, in part, from FB, they've kind of got their hands full right now.
Reply Sun 17 Jan, 2021 10:33 am
Thank you.
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