Question about salary compensation?

Reply Fri 28 Aug, 2020 04:28 pm
How is this allowed at my job? I work at a pretty large company and I was promoted about a year ago. I went from hourly pay to "salary" pay, at least that's what I was told. The weird thing I find about it though is my pay is always fluctuating, its never a set amount like salary is supposed to be. It's always in a range of $100 or so. My boss treats me like I work hourly, he tells me I need to get my 40 hours in the week, and if I dont I have to work Saturday usually for a few hours to make up my time. My job is fairly unique since I pretty much leave when the job is completed and since I'm a pretty efficient employee, I can usually get my work done sooner than what the schedule says. Another thing my boss has told me is that if I dont hit my 40 hours, he will take that time away from my paid time off. I understand as a company they want me to work 40 hours to get my "set" rate or whatever, but my biggest issue is what I've said above plus my supervisor doesnt schedule me remotely enough for me to get my 40 hours on a weekly basis.

I always assumed that if you are salary, you get paid the same amount if you work 50 hours, or if you work 20 hours. And with my job, sometimes it gets really slow so I could probably, in certain months in the year, work for about 25- 30 hours in the week. Another bit of important information might be that I also get paid overtime if I go over my 40 hours, so maybe that's how they justify it? That would make sense, but they are completely apposed to overtime, I've only gotten overtime a few times this past year. I've tried looking up the legal definition of salary and it seemed like it was what I said about working any amount of hours you get paid the same amount, so I figured I'd ask you guys about this to see if anyone knows.

If you'd like more info, let me know, I really want to know if this is common and I just dont understand salary or if this is a rare thing companies do, or if this isnt allowed. Thanks!
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Reply Fri 28 Aug, 2020 04:57 pm
Have you spoken with your Personnel department/ Human Resources?

As for overtime situation, I work in the USA. Where do you work? When I was salaried, the only way I got overtime pay was if I worked over a certain amount of hours (As an example, 10 hours) Otherwise, I would get repaid with a comp day (or half-da) in lieu of OT.
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Reply Fri 28 Aug, 2020 05:06 pm
Having owned and run various companies myself for the past 40 years ..... that sounds nothing like a 'salary' situation. A fixed hours contract .... Yes, definitely.

What does your contract say?

Normally 'salary' starts at low level management upward. It is a fixed amount but they may get bonus on profits. They do not get over time and usually they are worked to death. or at least nervous breakdown.

However you do seem a tad naive to say the least .... If they want you to complete 40hrs a week, not work necessarily but be there 40hrs a week, then stop rushing the work you have and make it last ...... If you run out of work then sweep the frigging floor. Find something to do because they ARE paying you. Adopt the outlook of the services ... If it moves salute it, if it doesn't move then pick it up and if you can't pick it up - paint it.

As you can see there are no medals for being 'fast', instead you are just irritating people.

If I were your employer I am certain you would not be leaving before your 8hrs each day ... Because for example, if you walk away at 15.00 but by rights should be there until 17.00 .... and I have work for you at 16.00, then I would not be best pleased.

Plus I would soon be of the opinion, that your job could be part time or 'flexible' and you only get paid when I need you .... Do remember matey no one is indispensable - No one, not even you.
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