What does this dream mean?

Reply Mon 17 Aug, 2020 06:52 pm
I dreamed that it was nighttime and I was in my house and it was dark, my family members were there as well. I felt unsafe and afraid, I felt that I was going to be harmed or possibly killed if I didn’t find a way to become safe. I tried to be with my mum or my dad (because I felt that that would make me safe) but my mum was very angry with me (I think because I was being so scared). I stayed with my dad outside where the lights were on for a time and that made me feel better but then he left to go do something for leisure. I decided to stay at the edge of the house where he left to wait for him to come back. However, my mum opened up the sliding door between the kitchen and outside and was especially angry now, this time I start arguing back and this causes her to become so angry that she yells so loud that I can’t hear it and I become slightly scared. After this I am closer to her and she is saying something and then I notice behind her (in the kitchen) that there is someone standing there with a knife. I point in horror to this but when she turns around it turns out to be nothing and she is frustrated with me and says “for **** sake Allison”. Also, at some point my brother is upstairs playing video games with his friends. Also, at some point in the dream (or maybe this was a seperate dream?) I am at a convenience store at night and something bad happens to me, something violent I think, I am violently possessed or something, all of the other people in the store panic and I am spectating myself and what I am going through throughout this. Also, at some point in the dream (or maybe this was also a seperate dream) I see a little girl’s dress in my kitchen during the daytime and it has blood on it. This is because of a pedophile who has hurt this little girl, I am somehow involved in this, I think I may have been some kind of witness. I also see this pedophile on the news in another setting and my mum talks about him as if she knew of him, though not in a positive way.

What does this dream mean?
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Reply Tue 18 Aug, 2020 10:31 am
It means what every single other dream means.

Your brain pulls together all of your experiences and throws them in a blender and hits frappé. Some of those are new experiences (and often there are more of them in dreams), some are older. A lot are trivial, but the mechanism by which we dream doesn't know that. Hence, you might see someone in a dream who you think you know but the reality is it's someone you saw walking down the street 6 years ago, and you barely even noticed them then.

The big dream milk shake also tends to contain anxieties and good times or wishes, too. You dream of having friends and it's the latter. You dream of being chased by a serial killer, and it's the former. Symbolism may or may not factor. Special thoughts and meanings probably do, so if you love horror moves, dreaming of being in one might not be a manifestation of an anxiety at all.

So that's what it means. It means your subconscious works and it gave you a dream (probably several short ones - our brains tend to try to create a narrative around a bunch of super-short dreams). Tonight, it'll give you more dreams.
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mark noble
Reply Sat 22 Aug, 2020 09:08 am
You are insecure
dependant on others
You assume those others have more to do than attend to your insecurities.
You are correct.
Your needines weighs heavily upon them.

Would you like 'better dreams'?

Have a Lovely day

P.s. Easy Fix.
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