Fox News: "Portland Maine Overrun With African Migrants" (really?)

Reply Thu 21 May, 2020 05:35 pm
Fox News: "Portland Maine Overrun With African Migrants"
Oh really Fox News? I live in Portland Maine... This is simply not true.

When you Google Portland Maine and click "images" you will find the most beautiful images of picturesque lighthouses, docks with fishing boats and a vibrant urban metropolis.

Picture after picture of gorgeous scenery until you come to this piece of racist propaganda sitting there. Laura Ingraham claims Portland Maine is "overrun with African migrants".

We did take in a lot of Black immigrants and our city is much richer for it. Many of these immigrants work two and three jobs to support their families.

Many of them speak perfect English and are as friendly as can be and fit in well with the community. They are our dear friends and neighbors now.

At first the Black immigrants needed places to stay and the shelters were full but then they found places to live and the shelters were left with the majority being white people again.

If Laura had researched her racist propaganda she would have found that a simple search of Google would reveal the actual demographic of Portland Maine is this:

Portland Maine Demographics 2020
White: 84.68%
Black or African American: 8.33%
Asian: 3.47%
Two or more races: 2.69%
Other race: 0.66%
Native American: 0.15%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.02%

8.33 % well below the national average of 12.6%
and 8% is not exactly what one would describe as "overrun"...

Portland Maine is also the 20th largest metro in the country...


INGRAHAM: Last night, we were the only show in all of cable news to bring you the story of hundreds upon hundreds of Congolese immigrants being dropped off in San Antonio after crossing the border. But for many of them, that is not the final stop. San Antonio's assistant city manager, Dr. Colleen Bridger, revealed this to a local CBS station, quote, "The plan was 350 of them would travel from San Antonio to Portland," as in Portland, Maine. "When we reached out to Portland, Maine, they said please don't send us anymore. We're already stretched way beyond our capacity." Now, why would Portland be beyond their capacity? I want to go back to January of this year when Maine's new Governor Janet Mills gave her inaugural address.


GOV. JANET MILLS, D-ME: We welcome the voices of newcomers also to the public conversation. The young, the immigrants, people of different cultures, all are important members of the Maine family. From now on, yes, a sign will greet all of those arriving in our state, and it will say simply "Welcome Home."


INGRAHAM: Isn't that nice? In Portland alone, asylum seekers who are primarily from African countries make up 90 percent of the people living in the city run family and overflow shelters.

But back to today. When the San Antonio city manager's request to Portland was turned down, the response was jarring. Quote, "We're working with them," the migrants, "now to identify other cities throughout the United States where they can go and begin their asylum-seeking process." Where are these migrants going to be dropped next? That's anyone's guest. But the fact that two cities in two states, thousands of miles apart, are both at capacity should be alarming for all Americans.

We reached out to officials in Portland, Maine, and received the following response from a city counselor. "Portland is proud to be a welcoming city for all Americans and those seeking to become Americans. At the same time, no city of 67,000 people can possibly manage to entire nation's immigrant situation on its own." Wow.

Maine has accommodated immigrants from Syrian refugees to many others immigrants needing a place to live.

And really, these immigrants are very nice, grateful and hard working people with families and they earnestly posses the American dream of prosperity and a new life. We do not stick them in the black section of the city because, Portland Maine does not segregate its citizens... There is no rich or poor section for the most part, and, no "China Town" or "Harlem". We all live together in diversity and love.. THIS is the American dream...

But Portland Maine does have its terrible problems though.

These problems lie in a small subset of the 84.68% of the white people who live in Portland Maine... A small fraction of those people watch Laura Ingraham and voted for the racist in the White House... These white people are unkept, rarely bathe, they do not care for their families and fill up the food pantries. Many of them do not work a job and live on a diet of Fox News' racist propaganda and Donald Trump's lies.

These hateful white people are the ones we here in Portland see screaming at some wealthy black tourist telling them to go back to their own country where the came from.

Our city, far from overrun by these kinds of white racists because most Mainers are more intelligent than to listen to conservative hate propaganda.

There is a direct correlation between the number of white racist Mainers in relation to the hate and racism spewed out by Fox News, Laura Ingraham and Donald Trump.

Other than a the small handful of these white racists... Portland Maine is a welcoming and friendly place to visit and live.

I sure wish Google would change its algorithm to omit hateful lies like this from appearing near the top of its search engine.

One silver lining is, maybe the racist Trump voters will read this piece of Fox News Propaganda and not come here...
mark noble
Reply Sat 23 May, 2020 07:53 am
Are you daring to suggest that a mainstream news/media outlet, like Fox news, are trying to condition people by 'SUGGESTIVITY'?

Truth is - It doesn't Matter whether what they say is true or false - As long as you (A preconditioned conduit) read some meaning into it.
Long enough to dissuade any 'critical' thinking on 'Broader' issues.

Have a Lovely Day
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Reply Sat 23 May, 2020 09:19 am
I remember back before the first Somali immigrants came to the Portland and Lewiston areas and it was actually rare to see a black person in Portland. A black woman I went to high school with visited the city in the early '90s and when I talked to her at a high school reunion she told me, "Yes, you were right about Maine. My sister and I spent the whole day in Portland and only counted twelve black people; it was actually eleven people but we saw one man twice."
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