how embarressing is that?

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hey im Mark, (sorry for my bad english , im not from an english speaking country), im 23. i train martial arts fr 18 years and has black belts.
today i was part of a freestyle martial arts tournament.
all the competitors were men execpt of 1 girl. she is only 16. and she was the only one there without any "formal" training in martial arts (she trains gymnastics). she looks very gentle and beautifull. so when we asked her whats gymnastics girl has to do in such tournament (where all the competitors are mascualr men) she said she develeoped her own fighting style, based on gymnastics, and thats her style.
we kinda laughted.
but we were shocked.
she took down each of the men who was put against her. she is way weaker in sheer strenght then the men, but she is super fast and agile, and flexible and she was able to dodge the men, and then lock them in impossible possitions and they gave up. and i must say, that style looks very feminine, its fast, and agile and has lots of flips and aerobatics in it..
i was her finale match, in the tournament's final. the winner is the first to win 5 matches....
before the matches i tired to tell her im sorry for underestimating her, but she kinda didnt care and told me she will teach me a lesson for it.
and do she did..... after 3 matches vs her, i gave up cuz i was exhusted. i couldnt stand up for the next 2 rounds.
it was very embarressing to give up to a 16 years old pretty girl in front of many audience.. esppecially sience im very big in term of muscles and has much more years of training in *formal* martial arts.
if thats not enought, she stomped me a little with her leg directly between my ABS and glued me to the floor and while doing so she put a hand on her hip and played with her hair with the other hand.
that was like a "win pose" and then she walked away from the match.
after that it took me about half a minute more to get up on my feet and walked away from the ring in shame..
what do you think of it? i have few questions..
-some of the people siad that i need to apologize to her again. should i do it? or she should be the one who apologizes for crushing me and then leaving me lying on the floor?
-is that as embarressing as i see it? the a 16 years old girl eliminated all the 20 men in the tournament without formal training in martial arts?

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Like your previous posts? Thanks, but we already knew.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 1 Dec, 2019 07:32 pm
More interested in what you think, you should do?
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Real Music
Reply Sat 14 Dec, 2019 08:42 pm
1. Is the girl in this video the same girl from your martial arts tournament?

2. Can you view this video and then tell me if this is the same girl from your martial arts tournament?

3. The girl in this video is Vera.

4. If Vera is the same girl from your martial arts tournament, she would probably beat everyone in the tournament easily.

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