A man calls out Saudi Arabian (S.A.) "men"

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You keepers, torturers and murderers of women in S.A. are not and never will be men. Furthermore, people of any sexuality who secretly oppose the culture of cruelty in S.A. and are understandably afraid to speak out will never be human beings unless they leave the dystopia and speak out. By the will of Allah, the natural separation of the "good" and the "evil" in S.A. is underway.

As a man whose alter ego is a mass murderer with a potential for evil far worse than that of any of you "monsters" and that must never be allowed to express in my life, I must choose my words carefully and limit them, as your crimes against your women disgust and horrify me in the extreme.

Enough of speaking directly to you "men" who are unworthy of Love or a partner in Life.

I speak for the Allah (Nature's Laws) that is the source of Love, Justice and all Virtue or morality that resides in every human or sacred angel of God/Allah, including Saudi "men" albeit their inner goodness is suppressed by ignorance and its partner evil. Despite this, these "men" of S.A. are barbaric criminals and the karmic outcasts of Allah/Nature that He leaves to be squeezed out of Life and destroyed by forces of evil. My, does it suck to be one of these sorry victims of ignorance, but none of them deserve any sympathy; rather, they deserve a comfortable cell for life with only some chance of parole for those who have not tortured or murdered; with all the things they need except the intimate company of any human; with kind treatment by their guards; and no execution, which is both sinful and karmically punishable to perform, and lets a criminal off too easy, as the greatest punishment of any criminal comes from their greatest judge, their Conscience.

I speak for the Allah that despicable Saudi "men" know nothing of. Doom is assured to these godless and loveless "Nazis" I call out, and also unfortunately assured to their brainwashed victims of both sexes.

"Allah postpones but does not forget".


Women are trying to escape Saudi Arabia, but not all of them make it | Four Corners
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NOTE to Manal Al-Sharif, lady activist: Dear lady, you can stop calling S.A. "my country" -- "my birthplace" is best. S.A. ceased to be your country as soon as you started opposing the madness there. All anti-dystopia activists should distance themselves from the dystopia even in simple language, so there's less chance of getting confused by charming "monsters" intent on luring them back with evil mind control and emotional manipulation. For greater clarity and protection, remember that a country has no essential quality apart from its people, and if the people are evil, the country is evil. Never look back with longing; that's what turned Lot's wife to a pillar of salt in Genesis 19.26.
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Reply Thu 31 Oct, 2019 10:34 am
Epilogue on the Evil Destiny of Saudi Arabia

"He who for the sake of happiness hurts others who also want happiness, shall not hereafter find happiness". (Dhammapada 10.131).

"A man may find pleasure in evil as long as his evil has not given fruit; but when the fruit of evil comes then that man finds evil indeed. A man may find pain in doing good as long as his good has not given fruit; but when the fruit of good comes then that man finds good indeed". (Dhammapada 9.119-120).


The Two Factors of Saudi Arabia's Karmic Dissolution

1) The criminal oil and gas industry's criminalization.
2) The sins of the fathers (i.e. ancestors).

Two factors of the karmic dissolution of Saudi society -- guaranteed primarily by the mental degeneracy of the perpetrating "men", but also by their "women" victims who support them even unconsciously and lack the soul power required to oppose them and leave S.A. or at least try to -- will eventually and inevitably manifest. The two factors in chronological order are:

1) the official criminalization of the fossil fuels industries, meaning a huge recession for S.A. with only the wealthy "protected" by the pinch, and surely a huge wealth gap that would undoubtedly cause an uprising of the people, as very few billionaires have the insight to prevent economic uprisings by things like doubling the minimum wage; giving money directly to the people for their investment in small businesses or climate change related businesses and land restoration operations; and money for or titles to farmland for the lowest earning city dwellers to "return to the land".

In the French and Russian revolutions, the obtuse royalty and aristocracy were executed; a similar fate could await the S.A. plutocratic monarchy if they don't leave their dystopia early. However, the workings of The Law of Karma (aka The Spiritual Law of Justice) are fascinating in that the stupid or morally deficient are locked into their karma or punishment until they pay the full price in suffering and/or death. Related to this is "Thou shalt by no means come out of thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing". (Matthew 5.26).

2) the destructive consequences assured to the descendants of sinful and soulless peoples by the karmic principle called "the sins of the fathers" in the Old Testament. A perfect illustration of the impersonal and merciless operation of this ancient principle of "Divine wrath" is found in the dark karmic position of the white South African farm families who are being murdered by descendants of the blacks they took the land of long ago. The blacks are now pushing for government expropriation of the whites' stolen farmland which, though awful from a karmically cursed white farmer's viewpoint, is only just, because the many poverty stricken blacks concentrated in terrible slums MUST have their vast lands returned to them so many of them can become farmers knowing a creative life and some happiness. The whites say, of their ongoing murder, "We knew it was coming".

The above effect is the karmic destruction of a people (the children in a multi-generational sense) due to the deadly cause of "the sins of the fathers" (i.e. of the ancestors going back to the first ignorant sinful generation). Boneheads taking the lands of others and thinking "This is all OK" curse their descendants.

"The sins of the fathers" is the "wide screen" or "panoramic" cross-generational version of "As ye sow, so shall re reap".

Some such karmic justice of God/Nature's retribution will come to the wicked and ignorant Saudis who unwatchfully await their certain doom together. These soulless and deviate Saudis, both "men" and the "women" who blindly support them, may presently live seemingly free of the consequences of their sin. For their sins, it is their children for many generations that will pay and will suffer. The Saudi parents of today are ensuring through their sins that their descendants' lives will be miserable and dangerous, no doubt with two or more generations experiencing oppression, slavery and murder at the hands of other barbaric tribes in the Middle East.


The Dissolution's Beginning

Saudi Arabia's karmic dissolution will no doubt begin after the United States, the world's leading oil addict, is pressured by hordes of activist revolutionaries to go "cold turkey".

At some point, perhaps as little as ten years from now, when the worldwide ban on the purchase and use of oil and gas is in place, the United States will abandon the Saudis who, then lacking both the income allowing the worldly power they once had in addition to being decadent and weak by generations of spiritually impoverished dependence upon "oil riches" (read oil curse), one or both of the following scenarios is possible:

A. Saudis will leave their evil country (evil due to them) looking for a place to continue their moral crime undisturbed (watch out for them), like the dumbest of the South African farmer victims of their ancestors who, locked into their bad karma's to-the-death evil destiny, have moved to the Congo.

The Saudis may flee as the Nazis did from WW2 Germany, like rats from a sinking ship.

B. Saudi Arabia may be overrun by ISIS or other tribal forces. ISIS, seemingly just getting started, may be the "Mongol hordes of the Middle East". A hundred Bhagdadis dreaming of a caliphate are undoubtedly ready to replace the slain one. ISIS barbarians -- no more barbaric than Americans with their Iraq war crimes and much more, and not "weak fat cats dependent on inherited wealth for generations", are the people most likely to overrun the effete Saudis and control S.A. in the future.


There's plenty of "fossil fuels drama" ahead, to say the very least. Don't even think of buying anything with an internal combustion engine.
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