Love and Truth stand eternally in the Kingdom (Story)

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October 30, 2019

The holy couple Love and Truth stood facing each other, relaxed and peaceful in the Field of Life -- Nature, the Kingdom of Heaven or Love, Truth and all Virtue. Love and Truth were eternal, inseparable partners in Love and Truth. Wherever Love was, there was Truth; and wherever Truth was, there was Love.

In the eyes of Love was Truth, and in the heart of Truth was Love. In God/Nature's Kingdom was everything the couple needed: each other, and all Nature's fruits for sustaining their temples of the spirit of God. The couple only had faith in themselves as gods, and God/Nature's constantly renewed or "eternal" natural creations.

The couple accepted and used temporal creations and systems like money and banks, but they, being wise, NEVER put their complete faith and trust in these things that were not essential, eternal and reliable, and are the creation of "evil" people. "Trust no man". (Reinhold Niebuhr, Beyond Tragedy). "Cursed be the man that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm...." (Jeremiah 17.5). "With God, all things are possible, but this is not so with men". (paraphrase Matthew 19.26).

Love and Truth only had faith in God's Laws and God's body (the manifest natural macrocosmic Universe excluding man's artificial creations and systems), of which they were each a microcosm. The holy couple had faith in God alone, the greater part of which was in them, and they thrived just as the birds do. They knew the truth of "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be added unto you", paraphrased as "Watch the donut, not the hole".

Truth looked straight at Love and said, "The truth is, Love, we are God. And though we are two, we are also one. Therefore every sacred angel of God can say the suppressed secret, "I am God" or "I am a god". "Know ye not that ye are Gods?" (Hermes Trismegistus).

Truth, who knew "all things...", was occasionally a terrible whiner, roaring to Love about how hard it was to be virtually the only one on the planet who knew every ******* thing. As Love listened, he declaimed humanity's certain doom; the ignominious failure of virtually all gurus whose deficiencies and ignorance led them into sexual degeneracy; and his own WTF seemingly wasted life. Though he was usually a gentle, quiet man, he was compelled at these times by a force of fierce and bold-as-a-lion righteousness to speak heavy words of doom with the volume and passion of a fire-and-brimstone preacher, and his utterances figuratively "landed like one ton weights from the sky with a fearful crash".

When Truth was done, Love would sing softly to her blessed but "tragic" partner, "As sure as I'm standing here ... you'll never have to be afraid....".

Truth responded as Austin Powers with "Grooooovy, baby !!"

And, as gods on the earth, the happy twinkle in their eyes, and their laughs were EVERYTHING at that moment. They were safe in the eternal Kingdom, and they stood there together forever through many different lives and many forms.


Beauty and The Beast

Knowing the misery and chaos of ignorance, the old Soul of Love compels its possessor (The Beast or earthly love) to seek and become one with Eternal Truth (Beauty), and once Beauty is found, to love Her. After some tests, Beauty requites The Beast's love, thus eliciting the higher or spiritual Love in The Beast. Truth and Love or Beauty and the Beast are united in True Love, which equates with Happiness.

The original fairy tale was written, allegedly four thousand years ago in India, by a "wise" one, and though the exoteric story is about two beings, the esoteric meaning is about any evolved individual human being's Self-realization or attainment of Wisdom (i.e. Happiness).
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